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Cubicus Boxfish

cubicus boxfish

(ostracion cubicus)

minimum tank size: 125g

care level: expert only

temperament: semi aggressive

reef compatable: with caution

water conditions: 72-78f,sg 1.023-1.025,dkh 8.1-8.4

max size: 1'6"

colour form: blue,green,tan,yellow

venomous: poisonous when stressed or dies

diet: omnivore

origin: indo pacific

family: ostraciidae


The cubicus boxfish will require a peaceful 125g minimum tank,will eat tubewrms,if stressed will release a toxin called ostracitoxin which will kill other fish within the system very quickly.When first introduced it prefers a diet of bloodworms or live brine shrimp,then onto chopped squid,clam and muscles as well as herbivore preparations


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