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Stichodactyla Gigantea

Gigantic carpet anenome

(stichodactyla gigantea)





pictures courtesy of wet web media


minimum tank size: 50g

care level: expert

temperament: aggressive

reef compatible: with caution

lighting: high

water flow: strong

placement: bottom

water conditions: 72-78f,sg 1.020-1.025,ph 8.1-8.4,dkh 8-12

max size: 3'

colour form: tan

venomous: yes

diet: carnivore

supplements: calcium,strontium,iodine,magnesium,trace elements

origin: indo pacific

family: stichodactylidae


The gigantic carpet nem will host a wide variety of clownfish including percs and clarkiis. Prefers to bury its foot within the sand but close to the rocks...often attaching to the aquarium base.

Use caution as this nem can sting anything within 12" of itself,it will also eat fish other then clowns.This nem is more suited to a species tank and a experienced keeper,feed on meaty preparations

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