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Freckled Hawkfish

freckled hawkfish

(paracirrhites forsteri)

minimum tank size: 70g

care level: easy

temperament: aggressive

reef compatable: with caution

water conditions: sg 1.020-1.025,ph 8.1-8.4,dkh 8-12,72-78f

max size: 9"

colour form: black,green,red,tan,yellow

diet: carnivore

origin: Australi,Hawaii,indonesia

family: cirrhitidae


The frckled hawkfish should be the last fish added to an aquarium as it will not tolerate new additions,will hunt and eat shrimps and smaller fish,will harrass larger fish including hawkfish.Feed on meaty preps including mysis and brineshrimp

picture courtesy of wet web media


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