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The Reef-Face Team

Quiz Master

Live Quiz Results September 28th

Congratulations to Osiris for winning tonights Live Quiz :icon_respect:


Matt came second beaten only by typing skills in a sudden death tiebreaker situation.


Osiris 6

Matt 5

BlackJack 4

ReefAddict 3

YellowBoxFish 1

TheHarks 1 (Theharks had a bad dose of man-flu and had to leave early)


Only one question proved impossible for our contestants to answer (Question 19)


If you missed the Quiz I hope to see you there next time ....


In the mean time you can see how well you would have done :


1. Scientific name for this fish



Answer : (Neocirrhitus Armatus)


2. Scientific name for this fish :



Answer : Pomacanthus Imperator


3. Scientific name for this eel :



Answer : Gymnothorax Fimbriatus


4. Hymenocera Elegans are difficult to keep because the feed solely on ………. What ?


Answer : Starfish


5. This is a picture of a rarely seen symbiotic relationship. What are the two invertebrates? Common names for each species will do!



Answer : Tridacna Clam and Commensal Shrimp


6. Hawaiian’s call them ‘kūmimi pua’ …. We know them more commonly as …… ?


Answer pom pom crab


7. The extremely rare ‘Centropyge resplendens’ can only be found in the wild ….. where ?


Answer : Ascension Island.


8. Whats this ? :



Answer : Ricordea


9. What family is it from ? (same Image as 8)


Answer : Corallimorpharian


10. What’s the scientific name for this chap ?



Answer : Novaculichthys taeniourus


11. Who pioneered live sand filtration with plenums and DSB’s ?


Dr Dean Jaubert


12. The type of filtration provided by a protein skimmer is ?


Foam Fractionation


13. Feather dusters belong to which family ?


Answer : polychaetes


14. Can you name this rather rare tang ?



Answer :acanthurus dussumieri


15. Antennariidae are more commonly known as…..?


Answer : frogfish


16. Name the anthias in this magnificent harem ….. scientific name ….



Answer : Pseudanthias Bimaculatus


17. Name the SPS …



Answer : Stylophora Pistillata


18. Name the LPS ….



Answer : Catalaphyllia


19. Name the softie …



Answer : Sansibia Formosana


20. What does this nudibranch eat ?



Answer : Planarian Flatworms


Tiebreaker Question: Nemateleotris decora is the scientific name for which popular reef addition ?


Answer : Purple Firefish



Any feedback on the quiz will be gratefully received

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Well done QM, great job! :Icon_applause:


And congrats to Osiris for winning. :winner_first_h4h:

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Stunning win Osiris (thank goodness BJ didnt get it !) and well done QM for putting together the quiz !


Looks like I'll need to have to learn about fish afterall if I want my crown back !


I may not be around though - we know how bad man flu is !!

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the harks had man flu???? no he had a strop like a girl!!! LOOOOOOOOOOSSSSEEEEEER!!! :party:



always next time dude!

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If Im honest I woulod have been last anyway !!


Latin names and identifying fish !! What sort of web site is this


BTW BJ - whast that - you dont have an icon for winning a quiz !!

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sorry i missed it QM but that was an excellent looking quiz!!

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Well done stu! Great looking comp too. Gutted i missed it! Could of tried to get at least one point this time :)


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