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Found 12 results

  1. NEW PRODUCT! Coming this winter REEF-Habitats - Advanced Aquarium Systems + REEF-Habitat Nano! Our all-new marine aquarium systems include an opti-white aquarium, a sump and cabinet and also come with a range of other marine equipment, depending on particular package chosen. The sumped aquariums (3 large sizes) are fitted with a black glass weir and black glass rear panel. Easy to clean acrylic weir comb and our Rota-Flo and duckbill nozzles. The drain plumbing is a twin standpipe construction with high quality ball valve fitted with pre-built hard pipe plumbing and flexible pipe on the return. These tanks have thicker glass and are taller (500mm) and deeper (500mm) than our Signature range. All sumped cabinets are available in high gloss white or black at 80cm tall. The aquariums are available in 3 widths 50cm - 60cm - 90cm. From £699.99 to £1999.99 depending on size and package chosen. All sumped packages come with a DC REEF-Pump and Filter sock as standard. The REEF-Habitat Nano is an evolution of our MicroHabitat 60 but with new CNC cut internal walls and our V2iLumenAir Connect 25w, WiFi controllable lighting system as standard. For the first time ever, these aquarium packages can now be delivered direct to the end-user via tail lift courier for a nominal fee! #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #REEFHabitats #Advanced #Aquarium #Systems #Nano #ReefAquarium
  2. TMC FAQ's

    Hi, I thought I would add a FAQ's of the most common questions we receive at TMC! 1, Do the Tropical Marine Centre have open days for the public to buy? Health and safety and staffing is the biggest issue. We have a lot of tanks and not a lot of space for people!, plus we can’t sell you anything! Becouse we only supply the Trade. 2, Do we a paticular fish in stock? We don't give out livestock availability, but we do often have a so many different species in stock. Please speak to your local aquarium store and TMC stockist for more information. 3, Do we supply spares for our equipment? Yes we do, but you will need to contact your local TMC stockist to order parts for you. 4, Do we stock tank bred fish? Yes we do, if we can get a tank bred fish over a wild caught fish we will do so.
  3. Hi all, Im new here and was hoping to find an answer to my latest hurdle in the world of Reef. Recently I have been having a problem with elevated Nitrate and Phosphate, although all tank habitants were well, i was worried about it becoming a problem and sought advice from my LFS (not mentioning their name, Mai******d A******s) who advised and swore on the Red Sea No3Po4x. I did some research on the product and all looked good, so i decided to go ahead and use the product After calculating the dose, erred on the side of caution I went ahead and dosed my 55gal reef tank with 2 x 2ml of the No3po4x. Within five hours of adding the second dose my water became cloudy and sent my corals into shutdown, causing me to hit the Web pages and look for an answer? It appeared that the cloudy water is a normal reaction to the product and I trusted in the experience of Red Sea. However, when I woke up in the morning and checked on my beloved tank I began to panic over the unhealthy look of my Branching Hammer Corals, very sulky and pale. I went online again for the answer (Red sea Kev)and followed all the advise. The next morning apon checking out the corals, to my utter horror the image that greeted me was many Dead and dying Corals!!! Gonigapora, Wall Hammer, 2x Branching Hammers, A Bubble coral, all dead, and many others' looking very poorly ??? I checked all my parameters and P.H. No2, No3, Po4, S.G., Nh4, all the same as before , though slight reduction in Nitrate and Phosphate ?? Thing has completely decimated my tank, costing me £££ not to mention the anguish of losing them. Can anybody who has had a similar reaction to mine after using the same product help with advice, or anybody that knows what is going on in my tank? Im totally dumbfounded at why this has happened? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  4. Has My Goniopora Split?

    I came home from work and checked the reef as you do and noticed that on the sand bed not far from the rock my goniopora sits on what looked like a really tiny baby one. Have a look at the photo below of the baby.
  5. Ok Folks, The Red Sea Reef Care Program, This was developed by Red Sea scientists over a period of five years, the idea behind the program is to make the keeping of a successful Reef Aquarium something that we can all achieve no matter what level of experience you have, it is a natural progression from our Mature Program details can be found here http://www.redseafish.com/reef-care-program/marine-care-program/ and here http://www.redseafish.com/reef-care-program/ If you have any questions stemming from the use of the program or your thinking about using it then you are in the right place.
  6. So finally my RSM C130 arrives in the morning and it's time to start my very own tank diary. I have everything ready and once I've built it I have the rock and water arriving Thursday night. Tomorrow I'll be building the cabinet and placing the tank, getting it all wired up and connected etc ready for Thursday. First however I thought I'd start with my current tank. The tank that began my salty passion, my lickle TMC 15l Microhabitat. Back in June last year I finally took the plunge after keeping tropical freshwater fish off and on for 20 years. I've always wanted to try marine but until then never really had the chance to do it. It's been a really steep learning curve and plenty has gone wrong and plenty has gone right. A particular low point was when I lost my pulsing xenia, my small pastel green star polyps and a nice green/gold ricordea and my sun coral all at once. The crabs and my tube anemone survived ok though. The tank hadn't been doing very well for a while and I wasn't really sure why. I nearly quit right there and then. My wife however talked me into trying again. This time I decided the stock tank was rubbish. I binned the skimmer, binned the standard media, and binned the little led tile that it came with and replaced the heater. I also replaced that stock return pump with a little Eheim compact 600lph model. I used the stock return pump as a power head to create more flow, put the new return pump in the right hand chamber, the left hand chamber now houses a tiny super fish internal filter with a filter sock over it running Purigen like my own tiny little fluidised reactor. It also houses my TMC ATO. The centre chamber now runs a bag of Chemipure Elite at the bottom with a bag of Seachem Matrix on top, then a layer of JBL floss on top. The light was replace with a beamworks white and blue/actinic led panel that is loads better than the original unit. Since then the tank has been ok. Fast forward to now and it's still not perfect and keeping the parameters stable is tough. Right now I seem to have some kind of brown algae problem. I think they're diatoms but they get all over the glass and I need to clean it with a toothbrush almost every day. PO4 seems ok but then that might be because the brown stuff is using it all. I think the answer it to cut the light down and cut the feeding but I wory about my little goby because he's supposed to be fed everyday. I've been planning an upgrade for a long time now and the microhabitat was a bit of a test really to see how I did. I seem to have really been bitten by the salty bug and at last I'm about to upgrade to a tank I've always admired, the Red Sea Max. Anyway that's quite enough of my blathering on it's time to post lots of pictures of the little habitat so you can see where I'm at just before the RSM build begins.
  7. Reef-Face 5Th Birthday Raffle

    Reef-Face Raffle Draw date is 17/8/12 (Reef-Face 5th Birthday) The Reef Face Raffle competition is open to all members. This is your chance to win Cash (sent via paypal) to spend at your nominated Reef Face Sponsor, by spending only £1. What a way to make keeping Marines so much cheaper! So what do you have to do? well its 10 simple steps, so let us take you though it! 1. Decide you would like to be in with a chance of winning 2. Choose how many tickets you require (tickets will be allocated in numerical order and this does not reduce your chance of winning as it is a totally random number generator that selects the winner). 3. Update this thread by posting your chosen amount of tickets. 4. Log into your paypal account. https://www.paypal.c...e-general&nav=0 5. Send as a "gift" (see note at end), referencing your Reef Face Username in the transaction, the value based on the total number of Tickets requested to bigstring@mail.com 6. Await the update of the Reef Face Allocation table to show your tickets. 7. Sit back and wait for the nominated draw. 8. Scream with joy at winning the competition. 9. Contact bigstring via PM with details of which sponsor you would like to spend the money with. 10. Sit back and wait for the next competition. Draw Date: Friday 17th August 2012 Competition closure to entries: 2200hrs Thursday 16th August 2012 1st prize = The takings from this raffle to spend at a sponsor 2nd prize = 1 bottle or redsea nopox (donated by Lanicholson) 001 Bigstring 002 Bigstring 003 Bigstring 004 Bigstring 005 Bigstring 006 Lanicholson 007 Lanicholson 008 Lanicholson 009 Lanicholson 010 Lanicholson 011 Lanicholson 012 Lanicholson 013 Lanicholson 014 Lanicholson 015 Lanicholson 016 Caster 017 Caster 018 Caster 019 Caster 020 Caster 021 Zoaddict 022 Zoaddict 023 Narcosis 024 Narcosis 025 Narcosis 026 Narcosis 027 Narcosis 028 Yellowboxfish 029 Yellowboxfish 030 Yellowboxfish 031 Evolad 032 Evolad 033 Evolad 034 Katiecabb 035 Katiecabb 036 Malia 037 Malia 038 Malia 039 Malia 040 Malia 041 Yellowboxfish 042 Yellowboxfish 043 mattcollins 044 mattcollins 045 mattcollins 046 mattcollins 047 mattcollins 048 mattcollins 049 scottishreefer 050 scottishreefer 051 scottishreefer 052 scottishreefer 053 scottishreefer 054 bigstring 055 bigstring 056 bigstring 057 bigstring 058 bigstring 059 larnder666 060 larnder666 061 larnder666 062 larnder666 063 larnder666 064 ShimmyUK 065 ShimmyUK 066 ShimmyUK 067 ShimmyUK 068 ShimmyUK 069 Lanicholson 070 Lanicholson 071 Lanicholson 072 Lanicholson 073 Lanicholson 074 Lanicholson 075 Lanicholson 076 Lanicholson 077 Lanicholson 078 Evolad 079 Evolad 080 Evolad 081 superdart 082 superdart 083 superdart 084 superdart 085 superdart 086 superdart 087 superdart 088 superdart 089 superdart 090 superdart 091 Reefaddict 092 Reefaddict 093 Reefaddict 094 Reefaddict 095 Reefaddict 096 Reefaddict 097 Reefaddict 098 Reefaddict 099 Reefaddict 100 Reefaddict 101 GreatBarrierJess 102 GreatBarrierJess 103 GreatBarrierJess 104 GreatBarrierJess 105 GreatBarrierJess 106 grimo 107 grimo 108 grimo 109 grimo 110 grimo Rules 1. The competition will run once a month but may change subject to demand. 2. A Raffle ticket costs just £1, 2 tickets would cost £2 and so on. 3. The Prize depends on the amount of tickets sold if we sell 50 tickets you get £50 to spend at a sponsor of your choice if we sell 100 then you get £100 and so on. 4. You must have access to a Paypal account in order to enter this competition. 5. Payment via Paypal must be completed as a gift. (Click send money, click personal and make sure you highlight the gift button. Put in the amount and email address, you do not pay charges if you have money in your paypal balance only if you have to transfer the money from your card on file). If you do have to pay charges then you are reponsible for the payment of them. 6. The Reef Face team will do their utmost to keep the ticket list up to date but please note there may be a delay from posting your request and sending payment to the team updating the table. 7. If you fail to provide payment within 2 days of posting your post will be removed. This may become subject to change depending on demand. 8. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase. 9. The winning number will be decided by a totally random number generating software program on the nominated draw date stated above. All entries must be in by the nominated closing date stated above. 10. You must have a minimum post count of 30 posts to take part in the raffle. 11. should you have your item posted from your chosen sponsor then you are responsble for postage cost this can come out of your winnings or you can pay postage separately. Good Luck The Reef Face Team
  8. New stuff I got today from lfs New coral sure its a finger leather cost £15 New montipora plate coral frag free New boxer shrimp £10
  9. Coral Dip

    After all the problems i have seen people (Lee) have with corals i have decided to try and limit any problems i may posibly have so far all corals have been fine but i`m doing this as i dont want to start loosing mine again as i`v spent alot of money on them now, so i got some of this. and am going to be giving the corals a dip it says 15mins on the tub but i think i will start with 5mins Wish me luck and hope i dont kill them all lol.
  10. Raid Across The Border

    Today we raided down to a lfs near penrith and went bonkers....bought 7 corals! We also have lined up our upgrade we think but would like your opinion. It's a 5x2x2 on a stand with sump...weir with single durso and return. 2 large pumps and closed loop system. about 8 months old. Will redo the cabinet front as its got white doors!. How much do you think its worth? John and Krys photos to follow of the corals.... we just couldn't leave them behind.
  11. Robs Reef Controller

    My arduino is here now the fun begins in wiring this thing together. my aim is to have the arduino control my LEDs switching certain lights on at certain times that will give me a full sunrise then full lights during the day then sunset then moonlights with a full lunar cycle and it will also monitor the temp of the tank the sump and the air near the tank and will control fans if things get too hot or turn on heaters if too cold, also when they arrive i will have 3 ph probes 2 in the cal reactor chamber 1 + 2 and 1 in the sump and these will controll the co2 into the reactor. Below is the arduino itself. here we have a relay unit this is used for switching 240V items on and off with the arduino (lights, pumps, etc etc) this is the lcd screen that will display all the info like ph1 ph2 ph3 temp1,2,3 lights, etc A real time clock so the arduino keeps its time if power drops. A sd card slot this stores all the info from the arduino so i have a record of ph, temp etc the temp sensors and a ethernet connector so the arduino can be controlled and checked on via the web. The kids are going out later so i will try connecting it all together then and start a diy thread but this may take a while as i have alot of code to write as this thing is not plug and play
  12. Right,after trying to convince myself that i only wanted a FOWLR set up ive now decided that i want to keep soft corals! First question is : i have t5 lighting 2x24w twin bulbs 2 white and 2 blue so i dont want anything that needs ridiculous lighting (although im sure in time they will come as will a new lighting rig!) Just something that is easy to look after and to add some colour to my tank. Any suggestions? Thanks.