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  1. Sand sticking to fish

    It’s been a real crappy month for me, first the lights and then the fish. I suppose we have to deal with these things as they come.
  2. Sand sticking to fish

    Yeah, al fish are now in the hospital tank. im running UV on the display, so hopefully in a couple of months i’ll Be clear and the fish can return
  3. Sand sticking to fish

    Ok as a precaution I moved the purple tank, sailfin and clowns into my hospital tank this morning. And I’m afraid it was ich or brock (although it looked like sand) because when I came home from work my big purple tang was in a sorry state the poor thing was on its last legs and smothered in spots. I went in a couple of hours later to do a water change and it had died. I am now struggling trying to catch the rest of the fish and have been for the last 2 hrs. :(
  4. Hi All, ever since I put a couple of gobies in the tank they have been churning up the sand like no ones business. This keep causing the tank water to go misty and the sand has started to stick to the fish. I know that the first question will be “are you sure it’s not ICH” and the answer is you can never be 100% sure but it does look like grains of sand in the fish. The tank was set up a month or so ago using Dr Tim’s and around 40KG of live rock from my existing tank. It was filled with 50% existing tank water and 50% new. The only thing that I didn’t add was the old sand bed. Tonight I only found the new filter sock that I’d bought so this should help trap some of the sand in the water and stop it from re-entering the tank through the return pump. Anyway, my question to you is, does anyone have any other ideas bar moving the offending fish out of the tank to stop this from happening? Just in case I have also set up the old tank, in case I need to turn this into a hospital tank.
  5. Second tank

    It looks like a stand alone, as it has all the direction buttons on the top. I bought off a reefer who was selling up
  6. Second tank

    Everything is just thrown into the tank and needs tidying but as I mentioned I’ve just moved and had to get it up and running. Hopefully i’ll get it sorted soon
  7. Second tank

    At the moment I’m doing a water change every 2 weeks (57 litres) and dosing manually just whilst I get my head around automated dosing (I may need help with this later), for which I have bought ATI elements and a ghl dozer. I run a algae reactor which is growing chaeto like mad. Unfortunately the photos I took appear to be to big for the site
  8. Second tank

    There are quite a few livestock that aren’t in these pictures. Black black wrasse, yellow belly wrasse, Timor wrasse, watchman goby, pistol shrimps, Bengali cardinals, boxer shrimps, cleaner shrimps, a few star fish and a couple more gobies
  9. As promised (although not quite finished yet) my new tank. At the moment it’s in the dining room full of boxes that need unpacking from my house move. Another picture
  10. Hydra 26 HD’s went for a swim

    Yeah unfortunately the policy only covers entertainment equipment, I tried to argue that my tank was entertainment to no avail. I did contact D&D but the repair is just short of £70 for new lights 🙁
  11. I have recently moved and decided to get a bigger tank and all the equipment. Anyway tank was finally sorted and the last thing was to put the lights on, when disaster struck. The rail that I had made was a little to short and I managed to knock this into the water along with my 3 hydra HD (powered). My question is are these now completely ruined? I have let them dry out completely and when plugged in the lights just flash.
  12. Help

    I also get this from time to time, but it always repairs itself. I agree with the previous post about it being stung, but I have also noticed that I my toadie sometimes reacts like this when my clowns are bothering it.
  13. Flake foods

    I’m not sure I would risk any type of flake that isn’t specifically formulated for reef aquarium. I use formula 2 and prime marine flakes from ocean nutrition on the occasions when I do use flake.
  14. Another Ich Article- A Survival Guide

    It does as you say kill the parasite in the water column. I lost a few fish in my outbreak but the fish that survived this episode and any added since have been fine. I do also feed garlic mixed with my brine or mysis so that may also be a help as it’s known to boost immunity. In all honesty I also have bought another uv sterliser just in case my existing unit develops a fault, that’s how much I believe these units help.
  15. Another Ich Article- A Survival Guide

    I run a uv constantly after an ich outbreak and haven’t had a problem since.