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  1. We have had fantastic feedback on the whole Gamma Nutra range, also use it in my home tank with great feeding response they go crazy for it. Thanks Ant
  2. NEW RANGE OF UK MANUFACTURED GAMMA PRODUCTS – HIGH QUALITY FISH FOODS FOR ALL AQUARIUM INHABITANTS! Craig introduces our new GAMMA Nutra range of products in this short video! Gamma NutraShots - pre-mixed, ready to use, stick on food doses designed to enrich the animal's environment and stimulate natural grazing and feeding responses. RRP from £10.99. Developed, tested and used by all TMC fish houses. Gamma NutraPlus – liquid feed suspensions - an ultra convenient way of getting all the benefits of our Gamma Frozen Foods, but without the need for a freezer! RRP from £6.99. Developed, tested and used by all TMC fish houses. Gamma NutraSpray – feed-enhancing sprays which can be sprayed onto any frozen or dry aquarium food. With three products available, you can use the appropriate one required - to enhance immunity, colour or just help encourage your fish to feed. RRP £4.99. Developed, tested and used by all TMC fish houses. #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #Gamma #NutraShots #NutraPellets #NutraPlus #NutraSpray #Onlyfeedyourfishthebestfood #yum #newproduct
  3. NEW PRODUCT! Coming this winter REEF-Habitats - Advanced Aquarium Systems + REEF-Habitat Nano! Our all-new marine aquarium systems include an opti-white aquarium, a sump and cabinet and also come with a range of other marine equipment, depending on particular package chosen. The sumped aquariums (3 large sizes) are fitted with a black glass weir and black glass rear panel. Easy to clean acrylic weir comb and our Rota-Flo and duckbill nozzles. The drain plumbing is a twin standpipe construction with high quality ball valve fitted with pre-built hard pipe plumbing and flexible pipe on the return. These tanks have thicker glass and are taller (500mm) and deeper (500mm) than our Signature range. All sumped cabinets are available in high gloss white or black at 80cm tall. The aquariums are available in 3 widths 50cm - 60cm - 90cm. From £699.99 to £1999.99 depending on size and package chosen. All sumped packages come with a DC REEF-Pump and Filter sock as standard. The REEF-Habitat Nano is an evolution of our MicroHabitat 60 but with new CNC cut internal walls and our V2iLumenAir Connect 25w, WiFi controllable lighting system as standard. For the first time ever, these aquarium packages can now be delivered direct to the end-user via tail lift courier for a nominal fee! #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #REEFHabitats #Advanced #Aquarium #Systems #Nano #ReefAquarium
  4. REEF-Salt is manufactured exclusively for TMC by Tropic Marin and is the ideal foundation for the care and optimum growth of fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates in modern reef aquariums. Our new REEF-Salt is the perfect low cost salt. Suitable for ALL marine aquariums from fish only to full hard coral reefs. The salt has been laboratory-manufactured to the usual, exacting standards of Tropic Marin’s other salts and is designed to naturally replicate reef environments whilst being very cost effective. Perfect for high volume users and beginners alike. Quality combined with affordability. KH: approx 7-8 Calcium: approx. 410-440 ppm Magnesium: approx. 1250 - 1350 ppm depending on salinity etc REEF-Salt 10kg (RRP £26.99) REEF-Salt 20kg (RRP £48.99) #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #TMCLookForTheLabel #REEFSalt #AQUA2017
  5. NEW PRODUCT! Coming this winter REEF-Roller & REEF Roller Compact Automatic Roller Filters These advanced automatic mechanical roller filters are available in a standard or compact size, and both filter aquarium water down to 50 microns, replacing the need for high maintenance filter bag/filter sock systems. They include integrated water sensors which ensure that as the filter roll material becomes clogged with detritus and waste, new filter material is automatically replaced, ensuring constant removal of waste and fuss free operation. Spend less time cleaning and replacing filter socks and more time enjoying your tank! REEF-Roller RRP £189.99 REEF Roller Compact RRP £169.99 Replacement Filter Roll 50 micron, 45 metre length. RRP £19.99 #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #REEFRoller #Compact #Newproduct
  6. TMC FAQ's

    Hi, I thought I would add a FAQ's of the most common questions we receive at TMC! 1, Do the Tropical Marine Centre have open days for the public to buy? Health and safety and staffing is the biggest issue. We have a lot of tanks and not a lot of space for people!, plus we can’t sell you anything! Becouse we only supply the Trade. 2, Do we a paticular fish in stock? We don't give out livestock availability, but we do often have a so many different species in stock. Please speak to your local aquarium store and TMC stockist for more information. 3, Do we supply spares for our equipment? Yes we do, but you will need to contact your local TMC stockist to order parts for you. 4, Do we stock tank bred fish? Yes we do, if we can get a tank bred fish over a wild caught fish we will do so.
  7. List of TMC Tank Bred Fish & Coral Species Annularis Angel - TANK BRED Pomacanthus annularis Marble Batfish - Tank Bred Platax batavianus Redface Batfish - Tank Bred Platax pinnatus Cardinal - Emperor Tank Bred Pteroapogon kauderni Tank Bred Clown - Clarkii Eyelash Amphiprion clarkii Tank Bred Clown - Clarkii Picasso Amphiprion clarkii Tank Bred Clown - Domino PAIR Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Maroon Premnas biaculeatus Tank Bred Clown - Maroon Yellow Premnas biaculeatus Tank Bred Clown - Midnight PAIR Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Black Fin Amphiprion melanopus Tank Bred Clown - Onyx Amphiprion percula Tank Bred Clown - Common Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Gladiator Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Sunset Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Black Percula Amphiprion percula Tank Bred Clown - Black & White Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Black & White Clown Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Skunk Amphiprion perideraion Tank Bred Clown - Skunk Orange Amphiprion sandaracinos Tank Bred Clown - Snowflake Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Snowflake Percula Amphiprion percula Tank Bred Clown - Black Ice Snowflake Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Naked Ocellaris Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Plum Tomato Amphiprion frenatus Tank Bred Clown - Saddleback Amphiprion polymnus Tank Bred Clown - Saddleback Yellow Amphiprion polymnus Tank Bred Clown - Tangerine Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Minstrel Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Sebae Amphiprion sebae Tank Bred Clown - Premium PAIR Amphiprion ocellaris Tank Bred Clown - Picasso Amphiprion percula Tank Bred Clown - Picasso Grade A Amphiprion percula Tank Bred Clown - McCulloch's Clownfish Amphiprion mccullochi Tank Bred Clown - Platinum Amphiprion percula Tank Bred Clown - Red Sea Amphiprion bicinctus Molly Miller Blenny - TANK BRED Scartella cristata Tank Bred Canary Blenny - Blackline Meiacanthus tongaensis Tank Bred Canary Blenny - Blue Head Meiacanthus atrodorsalis Tank Bred Striped Blenny Meiacanthus grammistes Tank Bred Kamohara Blenny Meicanthus kamoharai Pipefish - TANK BRED Syngnathus typhle TB Neon Goby - Blue Gobisoma oceanops TB Neon Goby - Golden Gobisoma evelynae Seahorse - Coloured Tank bred Hippocampus sp. Seahorse Tigertail - TANK BRED Hippocampus comes Seahorse - Yellow Tank Bred Hippocampus sp. Seahorse Kuda - TANK BRED Hippocampus kuda Seahorse Reidi - TANK BRED Hippocampus reidi Seahorse Erectus - TANK BRED Hippocampus erectus Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet - Indigo Pseudochromis fridmani x springeri Forktail Pygmy Basslet - Randalls TANK BRED Assessor randalli Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet - Blue Streak Pseudochromis springeri Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet - Minstrel Pseudochromis sankeyi Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet - Neon Pseudochromis aldabraensis Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet - Orchid Pseudochromis fridmani Tank Bred Pygmy Basslet - Sunrise Pseudochromis flavivertex Mono - African - TANK BRED Monodactylus sebae Pilot Fish - TANK BRED Gnathanodon speciosus Pork Fish - TANK BRED Anisotremus nirginicus Jack Knife - TANK BRED Equetes lanceolatus Snapper - Longfin TANK BRED Symphoricthys spilurus Shark - Picasso Cat - TANK BRED Chiloscyllium griseum Lookdown - TANK BRED Selene vomer Astreopora - Cultured Astreopora spp. Bird's Nest NANO - Cultured Seriatopora spp. Bubble - Branching Cultured Plerogyra spp. Bubble - Green Cultured Plerogyra spp. Button - Cultured Acanthastrea spp Chalice - Cultured Echinophyllia spp. Closed Brain - Cultured Symphyllia sp. Comb - Cultured Catalaphylia spp. Cornet - Gold Stem Cultured Euphyllia spp. Daisy - Cultured Alveopora spp. Diplo - Cultured Diploastrea spp Fox - Cultured Nemenzophyllia spp. Hammerhead - Branched Cultured Euphyllia spp. Organpipe - Cultured Tubipora spp. Oxypora - Cultured Oxypora spp. Pineapple - Cultured Favia spp. Pipe - Cultured Blastomussa spp. Ridge - Cultured Echinopora spp. Staghorn NANO - Cultured Acropora spp. Thorn NANO - Cultured Stylophora spp. Tongue - Cultured Polyphyllia sp. Plume - Cultured Porites spp. Bush Coral - Vasaline - Cult Nephthia spp. Prickly Soft Coral - Cult Dendronephthya spp. Cultured Bush - Asparagus Tip Capnella spp. Cultured Bush Coral - Brown Nephthea spp. Cultured Bush Coral - Red Neospongodes spp. Cultured Bush Coral - Yellow Neospongodes spp. Cultured Cabbage Coral Sinularia dura Cultured Cauliflower Coral Cladiella spp. Cultured Coral Garden Various spp. Mix on rock Cult.Finger Coral-Cauliflower Cladiella spp. Cultured Finger Coral-Devils Sinularia spp. Cultured Finger Coral - Round Sinularia spp. Cultured Finger Coral - Soft Paralemnalia spp. Cult.Finger Coral-White polyp Lobophytum spp. Cultured Finger Coral-Willow Sinularia mollis Cultured Medusa Coral Sinularia flexibilis Cultured Pussey Coral Alcyonium spp. Cult. Pussey Coral-Orange/Red Scleronephthya spp. Cultured Toadstool - Colony Sarcophyton spp. Cultured Toadstool Soft Coral Sarcophyton spp. Cult.Toadstool-Knobbly Sarcophyton spp. Cult. Toadstool - Yellow Sarcophyton spp. Cultured Polyp - Star Pulse Xenia spp. Cultured Mushroom Rock - Blue Discosoma spp. Cult. Mushr. Rock - Blue Stripe Discosoma striata Cultured Mushroom Rock - Red Discosoma spp. Button Polyp - Giant Green Cultured Protopalythoa spp. Button Polyp - Super Coloured Cultured Zoanthus spp. Coloured Polyp - Cultured Zoanthus spp. Star Polyp - Pulse Green/White Cultured Xenia spp. Star Polyp - Clove Cultured Clavularia spp. Star Polyp - Clove Green Cultured Clavularia spp. Star Polyp - Jasmin Cultured Cervera spp. Star Polyp - Xenia Green Cultured Pachyclavularia violacea Star Polyp - Xenia Metallic Green Cult Pachyclavularia violacea Xenia - Carpet Green Cultured Briareum stechei Yellow Polyp - Cultured Parazoanthus spp. Blue Cauliflower - Cultured Sympodium sp. Spotted Mushroom Rock - Cultured Discosoma spp. Striped Mushroom Rock - Cultured Discosoma striata Watermelon Stripe Mushroom Rock - Cult Discosoma marmoratus Cultured Finger Gorgonia Muricea spp. Peppermint Shrimp - Cultured Lysmata spp. Chaetomorpha spp. Cult Caulerpa Caulerpa sertularioides Cult Grape Caulerpa racemosa Cultivated Algae - Per portion Gracilaria spp. Slug - Berghia Aitpasia Eating Aeolidiella stephanieae Cultured Clam - Maxima Gold Tridacna maxima Cultured Clam - Maxima Coloured Tridacna maxima Cultured Clam - Maxima Ultra Tridacna maxima Cultured Clam - Squamosa Tridacna squamosa Cultured Clam - Derasa Tridacna derasa Cultured Clam - Crocea Standard Tridacna crocea Cultured Clam - Crocea Coloured Tridacna crocea Cultured Clam - Crocea Ultra Tridacna crocea Cultured Clam - Hippopus Hippopus hippopus Purple Encrusting Sponge - Cultured Haliclona sp. Blue Sponge - Cultured Xestospongia sp. Mangrove - Per Stalk Cultured Rhizophora spp. FIJI Cultured live rock Cultured live rock
  8. About TMC

    Tropical Marine Centre was founded in 1970 by Richard Sankey. His vision was to ensure that the livestock reaching the UK did so ethically, safely and with zero losses, both during collection and transit, with all fish being in the best of health when finally available for sale in a local fish shop. Since day one TMC has had this zero-loss philosophy and instils this in suppliers, shippers and TMC staff. Unfortunately, not all livestock importers are equally conscientious! Importing livestock is an expensive and risky business. In the 1970s, TMC started researching transportation methods as well as collection and packing techniques, with the key objective of ensuring that the livestock is properly cared for and has the best chance of survival, rather than for any commercial gain. We firmly believe that the animals we are transporting deserve respect and should never have to suffer as result of our desire to keep them in our homes. It is for this reason that TMC livestock is collected by hand and net only and has beensince the company began operating. We also researched the best methods for holding livestock during and after collection, finally perfecting acclimation procedures and then designing recirculation systems which would service the holding tanks. It maybe hard to believe, but these things never really existed in the 1970s! Feeding practices came after, as did advances in filtration. We started manufacturing our own UVs in 1983, purely for the purpose of improving water quality at our premises, backing up our zero loss philosophy. We were the first company in the world to make UVs designed for aquariums and this was the first product in a long line of dry goods which we have subsequently brought to the consumer market. With regards to fish collecting, we only catch what we need and try to work with suppliers based as close to the reefs as possible to minimise the length of transport time. Our animals are often collected in the morning and, by the afternoon, they will be back in the catching station in properly filtered systems - we provide many of our suppliers with filtration systems and equipment so the animals they are holding are kept in the best conditions whilst in their care, something which is unique to TMC. This is in sharp contrast to many other companies who may work with suppliers that keep fish for days on a boat without any decent filtration or in a substation waiting to be moved to a larger station, then moved somewhere else, and so on, until sold. This reduced travel time means less stress, faster recovery and therefore healthier, stronger fish able to withstand onwards shipping to the UK. Ultimately these healthier, well cared for fish help the hobbyist to maintain a successful home aquarium! TMC receives shipments every day of the week on the most direct flights we can find. We organise the transportation of our own animals from collection to delivery (again completely unique to TMC) and this ensures that we receive our livestock as fast as possible, with the help of our own expert staff based at the airport, keeping shipping time to a minimum. It may surprise you to know that animals being supplied by other companies can be in the transport chain nearly 3 times as long as TMC fish, and this is because of the level of control we have over our supply chain - we really mean it when we say First Class from Reef to Retail! Since the early days we have expanded, and now have two further fish houses in the UK and one in Portugal. This allows us to always supply our trade customers with a varied range of vibrant, healthy and livestock, from easy-to-access locations. With nearly 50 years of expertise in the industry, and a team of marine biologists and passionate hobbyists that work for TMC, our combined fish-keeping knowledge is phenomenal. As a trade supplier, we do not allow consumers into our premises, but rely on our amazing network of retailers (many of whom attend TMC training sessions) to supply hobbyists with products and advice. Whilst a well-known name in the marine industry, TMC is actually quite a small company and the large majority of our staff are in direct animal husbandry roles, taking day to day care of the animals!
  9. We have a number of websites with some fantastic information on our products, we are also active on social media! links below. Please note we are trade only and do not sell direct to the public. Website - Click Here Reef Advanced Click Here Gamma Fish Food Click Here AquaRay Aquarium Lighting Click Here Aqua Grow Click Here TMC V2 Product Range Click Here TMC Pro Clear Click Here AquaHabitats Click Here Social Media Sites Facebook Intragram Youtube Twitter Pintrest Contact us by phone 01923 284151 Email info@tropicalmarinecentre.co.uk