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Everything posted by Damo666

  1. New set up

    Hi. I'll try and keep this short as several questions. Second set up and still class myself as a newbie as pretty inexperienced with my coral and equipment knowledge, but water management is good. 1. Does Nopox affect mushrooms in a negative way? Had great growth/colour prior to starting dosing this, can't keep them alive now. Reason for asking.? Not sure whether to continue use in new 4 x 4 x 2 tank. 2. Can you over skim? My volume is on the limit for the model I'm looking at, next model up is double that. Was mentioned in conversation that after water change, initially skimmer may strip out desirable elements before corals can fully utilise them. Not sure about this one, more wanting advice on rating of skimmer. 3. Is it worth plumbing in a reactor now, organising position, pump, pipework etc to save faffing around later on if I need it? 4. Apologies if this one sounds a dumb question. How close to the surface can rock work go ideally? I'm asking because I found flat pieces and used them to fully hide my weir, right up to the grid. The only place I have algae growing is, as normal I suspect, behind the weir comb, but also the top edge of the rock. Is this simply a case of concentrated nutrient flow and high light strength, it's only 2" below surface, or is better to keep the rock work lower than I've put it? Many thanks.
  2. Hello from me to you

    Ok, thanks, may look. Into that, but I'd be surprised if that was the case. I use good quality fermentation buckets for my water.
  3. Hello all. Name is Damo, been in the salty world since Christmas. Previously dabbled in everything freshwater since my teens, laterally fully planted discus set up. Been a fan of another forum, but that's gone right the pan lately. So I'm off to put my first give me help post now as I'm struggling to sort cyanobacteria.
  4. Hello from me to you

    Right, to last 2 posts, thanks. Had an orange spot goby in for 3 weeks, as said never stops and really seems to have helped. New ro membrane 2 months ago with di resin chamber after ro membrane so pretty sure silicates aren't getting through. No3 10, po4 0.03
  5. Hello from me to you

    thanks Kamran, I'm sure I will 😊
  6. Hello from me to you

    Not alot to report tbh. phosphate still low, cyano may be slowing down a little (I hope). Mr Dave, that green skimmate has returned back to it's week tea colour so not sure what's going on there. Thanks for the welcome tiger tank, hello to you 😊
  7. Aqua medic antired

    I've just acquired a bottle of aqua medic antired from an lfs on their advice as I'm struggling to rid my tank of cyanobacteria. I didn't go in for that, I actually wanted to upgrade my aqua one wavemakers, settling on a pair of TMC reef tide 6000. I'm hoping the greater range of control through the programmable controller will give better flow. The aqua ones could only be on a set power, either on for a preset time or off. So, back to the treatment. I've no experience of any cyano treatment. I tried to research this one but didn't come up with much. I never put anything in my system that I don't know the pros and cons of, so would appreciate any feedback if anyone is familiar with this product. Thanks.
  8. Aqua medic antired

    you certainly do mate, and that's what makes a good forum a priceless resource, especially if you a bit isolated from fellow reefers as I am.
  9. Aqua medic antired

    thanks to both of you for your replies, definitely some good advice there lads
  10. Hello from me to you

    Thanks, much appreciated. Now all I have to find out is what is actually looked upon as being a good balance between these two waste products. Plenty of posts regarding cyno mention an imbalance between nitrate and phosphate being a cause but none indicate what is a good balance. More importantly I guess is once at a "good balance" knowing how to stay there maintaining stability. I do understand there's no definitive answer as everyone's tank is a unique biotope and as such will behave differently. If I'd been told six months ago that i would be trying to raise my phosphate level I'd have laughed at that advice.
  11. Hello from me to you

    I'm working on the phosphate and the fish are loving all that extra food lol 😁
  12. Hello from me to you

    Right......carbon dosing, no. I've been researching vodka dosing and was thinking about starting it but the cyano arrived. If I do have dead spots, inevitable with my rockwork I guess, they're not across the sanded in the front where I'm getting all the red algae, the by-product of the cyano's activity. I've been watching what the food gets up to and there's plenty of flow there. I may have to go down the route of a treatment as I've damaged my back and I'm not going to be able to keep on clearing it and 4x weekly water changes. I've been told that a nitrate reading of 10 and zero phosphate isn't good. One product mentioned to me was Mycosidol, but don't know much about it yet. Any suggestions on best treatment welcome. Thanks
  13. Hello from me to you

    hi Mr tap water. Mostly on the sand. If I leave a few days it looks far worse than in the attached picture
  14. not an algae, just cyano

    So, been trying to get control of cyanobacteria over last four weeks. Had alot of help and it's become apparent that my near zero phosphates aren't helping. Nitrates are 5-10. Apart from the imbalance, I'm starving my corals. Skimmate has gone from dark chocolate to near clear lager coloured. So skimmer and phosphate reactor both switched off for now. I've increased feeding from 1 cube of frozen to 3per day. Corals are 100+various polyps, 10 mushrooms, 3 Kenya trees, 4 leathers, pulsing xania, duncans, toadstool, candy cane, torch coral, I'm guessing 25 separate corals. Fish are yellow and regal tang, two small common clowns, blue throat triggerfish, cleaner wrasse, firefish, 5 green chromis, scooter blenny and an orange spot goby. 12 mixed hermits, turbos and those "elephant trunk" snails lol. Tank is an Aqua one 350 with full sump, denitrate, alpha grog and life rock for filtration. TMC reef pump for return, TMC reef fill auto top up, elitech temp controller with twin heaters, DD reactor with phosguard. Lighting is two Viper spectra 165w led fittings, I've been dropping the intensity back over last 4 weeks, currently 30% blues, 20% white. Lighting period is 9hrs blue, 7hr white