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  1. starting a 65G tank

    Hi Guys, sorry I haven't been on for a bit. The fragging worked as you can see in the new pic I'll be downloading, both for the mushrooms and toadstools. I have stable water parameters finally for about 3 months now except for the PH, it was 7.4 last week so I finally got round to making a CO2 scrubber which seems to have worked as it's been 8.1 for the last few days. As you can see since I got a female my McCoskers is displaying nicely, and since I got an arrow crab the only bristleworms I'm finding or seeing are half eaten ones
  2. Tank Breakdown

    HI, What sizes is the tank please ?
  3. North West RF meet

    please let me know also
  4. New to the forum

    Hi Andy, welcome
  5. Bryopsis let the battle begin

    Hi Webbo, will salt, lemon juice and coca cola not strip out any blockages ? Was checking an american forum over christmas and that's what they used
  6. Par readings

    Hi Dave, I will and thanks for the help and advice yesterday
  7. Par readings

    Hi guys, I've just got the V2 Ilumenaire 1200 - what are the best settings please ? My tank is 900w x 750d x 270h I've looked on google but the settings they've given looks fairly dim but I don't want to bleach my corals by setting it too high Thanks
  8. Hi Guys

    LOL TBH I don't know any other shops where I'm confident of things being dipped and fish being good eaters etc..
  9. Back After 6 Months

    Welcome, I think your tank's going to look awesome as you build it back up
  10. Hi Guys

    Hi guys, hawkfish has committed suicide and managed to jump through a 2cm x 2cm gap between the tank and lid :( also my Fromia is no longer. However I've got a new lighting unit - a V2 Iluminaire 1200 that I'm setting up this weekend and an exquisite wrasse which settled in straight away. Hopefully the better lighting unit will help my corals back to their former glory. I'll let you know
  11. Hi Guys

    Hi Guys, back from working away again. The tank seems to be finally become established and after a few minor hiccups (Asterina, Aptasia etc) I'm hoping I'm almost there BTW I think my hawkfish has eaten my peppermint shrimp on the second day of having the shrimp in the tank. I'll post a new photo tomorrow when the camera battery is charged
  12. what are these ?

    Hi and thanks again for the advice
  13. what are these ?

    Hi, thanks for the advice I've pulled out all the ones I can see and I'll keep my eye out for any further ones. I've ordered a HOB refugium which should come sometime next week. What are the best plants etc for it please ? I was gonna try and keep copepods in there as well. I was checking youtube videos and a few of them were talking about chaeto for the refugium (hope the spelling is right) so I was going to ask where the best place to get it if that's the right stuff ? Also, after checking the identification guides on google I think the starfish is a Fromia Indica not a red Linckia, but it seems to spend most of it's time on my zooids instead of any crap that's on the bottom ? Thanks
  14. what are these ?

    Hi, I think I have found Asterina starfish also, about 3 or 4 I think - tiny (3 - 4mm) little white starfish, should I leaver them or try to get them out ? I have a red Linkia starfish so I'm not sure whether to get a Harlequin shrimp which will eat the Asterinas but also my Linkia ? Thanks