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  1. Hi Dave, I got a bubble Magus C3 HOB for the time being this morning, seems OK at the moment till after my holidays
  2. Hi Dave, I just got a cheap one originally a Boyu DG-2516 however it's gone haywire and started overflowing all the time so it's going back before it floods my living room :(
  3. Hi guys, just got home again from working away to find the skimmer keeps overflowing. I'm thing of a Bubble Magus replacement - does anyone have experience of them and are they OK please ?
  4. Hi Dave, sorry been working away, in the meantime I'm at home at weekends. Ok got a few new corals, mexican snails, I've added poly filter to the side filter along with pura-bio granules. I've got a electronic PH tester and cailbrated it, it's showing a constant PH of 8 for the last 2 weeks which has been proven to be testing right with chemical tests also. My nitrates are a bit high at the moment but I'm expecting that to burn off within a few weeks, and I've added some bio balls to the canister filter. The protein skimmer has settled down now and is working well except for a lot of micro bubbles so I've surrounded the output with sock filters which seems to be helping a lot I'm feeding the corals with Reef Roids and everything seems to be starting to grow.
  5. Hi, thanks for that, I wasn't sure but they seem to be ok now.
  6. Hi guys, back from working away Tank still looking stable gonna have water tested again this week. My GSp looks like its being eaten and my wife told me the hermit crabs have been eating it, do they do that ? Thanks
  7. Hi week 3 water testing looking good added another couple of hermits and an emerald crab hoping stability isn't a fluke
  8. Hi guys, cooling fans arrived today so installed onto the temperature regulator temperature seems stable at 26.1 C but I've got the back up heater on the system also so if one goes down the other is still on. If the temp gets to 27 C the cooling fans will kick in to take it back down to max temp 26.5 C. Wish me luck
  9. hi and thank you at the moment i have 2 clowns, 3 chromis, a cleaner shrimp, 2 snails and a small hermit crab. Theres a GSP, 2 hammerheads and 2 other frags that I'm not sure what they're called tbh. I'm watching temp, salinity and having the water tested weekly but everything seems stable atm (fingers crossed) Chris
  10. Thank you
  11. Hi guys, how long do i leave the lights on for please ? Also do i put it onto the blue lighting at night? Thanks
  12. Hi, first water change today skimmer on now, temperature regulator set up and I've put in a GSP and some frags. A cleaner shrimp and a small hermit were introduced yesterday. I've put the GSP on a small isolated rock after seceral warning videos on youtube warned of the GSP rapidly spreading and being a pain.
  13. Hi thanks for that, had water tested every reading where it should be so happy days so far
  14. Hi, BTW do I run the skimmer 24/7 and just run it dry when I'm feeding please ? Thanks Chris
  15. Hi, I'll go set it up thanks for the advice Water test time tomorrow morning - I'll keep you posted