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  1. Hi Wayne, if I told you I would have to kill you lol I'm getting to grips with the various forum headings and will list some pics when I get a moment there is a lot of reading on this site with loads of useful info - wish I found it earlier!
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys, will post some pics soon - yep got loads n loads of questions
  3. Hi all :) Just to add some of my thoughts :) I have recently returned to the art of marine fish/reef keeping. Believe it or not it all re-started due to rescuing a goldfish won at at a fair by a friend! Here I am 8 months later with a 500L reef tank and 500L fish only tank! Yes I still have the goldfish! (obviously not in the same tank - I did learn that much lol) I used to have my own aquatic retail business back in the 80's specialising in marine. I have to say it's quite a shock to the system to see how things have moved on. And I must say that I'm not convinced all is for the good at the moment - still on a learning curve with all these new fangled ideas. To give you a background - back in the day so to speak - all we used was under gravel filters with a powerhead or two. Some of us would use an external canister filter (such as the Eheim classic) if stocking levels were high or we had dirty feeders. moray's, porkies etc. Now bear in mind I had a shop with approx 30 marine tanks plus a 10ft x 3ft x 2.5ft shark tank and an 8ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft display tank. BTW the shark tank housed a Nurse Shark and an Australian Wobbergong. All we run was undergravel filtration only - I had no problems to speak of, Ich was a rarity, yes it happened occasionally but was easily treated with good old copper treatment. We opted to go fish or reef back then so having to treat reef tanks never really occurred. Velvet was even rarer! Back then live rock (or living rock as we used to call it) was purchased as a feature rather than a means to filtration. I remember having a display reef tank at the shop as well as my own at home and they both thrived - yes with undergravel filters only! I kept almost all the coral that is available now plus seahorses (a lot cheaper back then btw) that even bred in my tank. Protein skimmers and ozone steralisers were heard of but hardly ever used - and never by me. Quarantining was never done - this was expected of the LFS. I imported my own fish back then and quarantined them in dedicated tanks at the back of the shop. I would say that 98% of fish survived - there were however quite a few DOA's from the import agent. Regarding fish imports - most of what is available today was available back then with the exception of Achilles Tangs. I could never get one in even though I requested them every order! Flame Angels were quite rare also, I only managed to get one. It is very interesting to see how things have evolved. When I set up my new tanks I followed the latest train of thought (how I wish the interweb existed back then - or do I?) I resisted the use of undergravel filters as is recommended. I used loads and loads of live rock, protein skimmer, ozone, sump system (had never heard of them lol) macro algae, mangroves, phosphate reactor etc.etc. I must admit this is the worst experience of tank setting up that I have ever experienced - why? I'm not 100% sure but all I can say is if I had done it old school I honestly believe I would not have had not had the issues I have had. The worst case of Ich I have ever witnessed claimed 50% of my fish, some beautiful specimens :( After reading info on the forums I have to agree with the theory that there are far more resistant strains around now (certainly from back in the 80's) The main problem was my first tank, was a reef tank and I can say from experience that no reef safe meds work, save your money! I ended up setting up another tank for fish only and treating with copper (cupramine) this did work and saved the other fish although it took longer than I expected. So back to my original learning experience - reef for reef, fish for FOT. I do have a pair of percs, royal dottyback, green chromis. manderin and maroon clown in the reef tank that survived and will remain but no more additions. I also have the comfort of knowing that if anything goes wrong with them, that I can put them in the FOT which allows me to use copper if needs be. Current stock: FOT Yellow Tang Regal Tang Emperor Angel Flame Angel Blue Face Angel Radiata Lionfish Zebra Moray Snowflake Moray Porcupine Puffer Valentini Puffer Cleaner Wrasse Reef: Percs - Pair Maroon Clown Green Chromis x 3 Royal Dottyback Manderin Emperor Cardinal Anemone x 2 Cleaner shrimp x 2 Blood red shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Boxer Shrimp Blue, Red, Sand and Brittle starfish Sea Hare Tuxedo Urchin Clean up crew Tubeworms Various corals Lost Fish: Emperor Angel Clown Trigger Lipstick Tang Bi-colour blenny Coral Beauty Bi-colour angel Radiata Lionfish Powder Blue Tang Firefish phew! hopes this helps someone or opens up some comments
  4. Welcome to Reef-Face.co.uk: blumark :)