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  1. Decisions, Decisions....

    I've put two on the 4ft, there is no shading. And the colours and details of the corals, well, it has to be seen to be believed. I've had corals for months and today I saw them in a different light (literally). And that is with the Radions at 30% white only, they will ramp up over the next 4 weeks to 55% to hopefully ensure the corals don't get burnt. But I have to say I am seriously pleased with them and I have a spare unit sooo when I get a 6ft, all will be well..
  2. Decisions, Decisions....

    Bit the bullet, 3 Radions..... I am hoping two will be enough and I will have one spare over a 4ft tank...
  3. Decisions, Decisions....

    This will be my third change in 3 months............. Hence the need to make sure I get it right this time!
  4. Decisions, Decisions....

    This lighting business is driving me mad... I had a Maxspect, not happy with the light spread so got a Mars, which has better spread but not enough colour for my liking. So looking at new lights. Except it is like 20 questions, with 20 different answers to each question. Do I get Hydra 52s... I could get them 2nd hand for say £500 (would need a controller) - I will want two over a 4ft and the added bonus that when we move and I get a 6-8ft tank I can simply add more units. Do I get an Evergrow IT5012 which would be brand new for the same money as the Hydras. Do I really, really bite the bullet and get two Hydra HDs (double the cost, can I really justify 1k lighting over what was meant to be a cheap tank........... Suspect I know what the wife will say!).. Do I look at Radions? They don't seem (to me) to have the light spread I want... This is driving me mad. Help!
  5. Will try to get one when the lights come on!
  6. Yup, that was my morning... Lights on, and a single Zoa polyp is stuck on the back of the urchin.... Oddly, it was open!! Appears to be quite happy going sightseeing around the tank...
  7. Evergrow It2060 V2 Pro Reef Led Lighting

    Are you happy with how much light it punches out?
  8. Leaving The Hobby For A While

    Sorry to hear that fella, it is a tough decision but it sounds like you are making the best one right now. If you have pics of the trachys and acans and prices when you get the chance I will see what the wife will let me do........... ETA - if that purple Lobo with a green centre is also going, please let me know. And is there any chance you can post? You are going to be a four hour drive each way buuuuuut I will do it get some of those corals I suspect!
  9. Deano's Venture Back Into Marine

    Fantastic stuff. I agree that frags can be superb fun to see them grow and mature.
  10. Worried About My One Spot Fox Face

    Sorry to hear that. One thing however, we get ill, some people have kidney failure, heart attacks and whatnot, I see no reason why sometimes a healthy looking fish can't have a similar thing go wrong with them.....
  11. Worried About My One Spot Fox Face

    It may be that one of the other fish has now started picking on him. Has anything else changed in the tank? They can be sensitive even to things like a new coral going in....
  12. Tmc V2 Compact 300 Or Bubble Magus E3 External?

    Used to only use deltec skimmers (so have three sat in the garage!) but this tank set up I got has a magnus in the sump, which is literally plug and play, so I have kept it. Does not however seem to pull out that much crud but I only have one fish in there atm...
  13. Your Favorite Salt?

    An interesting mix!
  14. Your Favorite Salt?

    At the moment the tank was run on Kent but I wish to run quite a few LPS therefore wish to ensure a changeover (which will be undertaken slowly, 10g per week perhaps) to a better salt, should there be one..
  15. Your Favorite Salt?

    Ahh the old (literally!) school salt. Still holds up well then I guess, which is interesting.