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  1. Will This Work As A Refugium?

    yes I have a 25 litre top-up behind a wall behind the tank drilled through to the tank. Just want to be able to culture some pods Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Will This Work As A Refugium?

    Yes seen that - did think about it but have decided to get the reefer baffle kit instead Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Am interested to know if you have found it worth doing and have you found it creates too many pods?
  4. Will This Work As A Refugium?

    thanks. Just been reading that doing it in the sump will result in 90 - 95% of pods not making it into the tank as opposed to a hang-on one but don't want to spoil look of tank and no room at back - any opinions on that? X Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have the red sea reefer 350 and don't use the top-up. I have moved the sump around today to try and create space for a refugium to grow copepods. Would this work?
  6. Sadly he died yesterday :( My first loss in 6 months. There were no marks on him. All parameters fine and all other fish ok (hope I'm not speaking too soon but will keep extra eye on them). I did add a sand sifting goby after him but I didn't see him showing any interest in any of the other fish - he is quite big though so it may have been that - just don't know :(
  7. Yes - the good thing is he stops me putting my hands in the tank!! Why would he have been so happy the first week though and now go shy and lethargic? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I bought my lovely fox face just over a week ago and has been swimming quite happily with my blue tang and dwarf cherub Angel - feeding well plus has seaweed on clip. Yesterday he didn't come out at feeding time but stayed in his cave where he sleeps but still ate. Usually in the morning he is out pecking the rock with the tang and cherub but seems to be just staying in his cave. Am I being overly anxious? Can't see anything on him but def not how he has behaved last week. Has he just settled or should I be right to worry?
  9. Anyone had this issue? Only been in use for a couple of months at about 40%. Tried adjusting / turning off power etc etc / not blocked - just stopped working and red light flashing ???
  10. Anyone Using Hanna Test Kits?

    I worry about the air bubble I always get at the top of the syringe as to how accurate it makes the test?
  11. I bought the calcium and AKH - they say use de-ionised water - is that the same as 0 TDS RO water??
  12. Will have a look at those - desperately waiting until I can get an anemone and a bright blue clam :)
  13. Thanks for replying guys but this is an old post - all up and running now with my reefer 350L and loving it. Yes have RO booster and have the Jebao Crossflow CP40 and Jebaeo DCS 6000 Return Pump. Latest purchase is the Kamoer KSP-F03 doser. Hopefully equipment now all sorted and money can be spent on more corals / fish etc! :)
  14. Tropic Marin Balling Abc

    yes well I filled the new 350L up with new salt water (Tropic Marin Pro-Reef) and then did a 10% water change the following week. However, my readings were really low so got them tested at my LFS and they read - KH/Alk 5.3dkh, Mag 1180 ppm and Cal 395 ppm so was advised to dose. I will check my salt readings before I add in next water change just to check its not the salt. I have started dosing now and will keep monitoring it daily / every other day to see how much they reduce. My salinity is stable at 1.025. PH 8 and 0 ammonia, nitrate and nitrite. Phos a bit high at 0.04 and temp 26. I have quite a few corals that I transferred over from my old tank with a few SPS as well - I never had to dose in the 95L as water changes were enough.
  15. After testing water at LFS my readings are as follows:- Mag 1180 ppm Cal 395 ppm KH Alk 5.3 dKH I have bought and made up the A, B and C Balling - I now want to make sure I am going to dose correctly before I put in my tank. with 350L - Part B - max 14fl oz per day which should raise the dKH by 1.75. Correct? Part A - max 14fl oz per day which would raise the calcium by 12.5 ppm and then is it the same measurement for the Magnesium ?? Until I get my doser unit set up, I can just put it in the sump ??