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  1. Welcome to reef-face.
  2. Cutlery
  3. Thermometer
  4. Tongue bar (piercing)
  5. Love the rock scape Marty. Your tank looks amazing
  6. Nice one and won't be long until you get that itch again lol
  7. Hey Carl nah just missed you too much lol. How are got doing? It's been quite a while
  8. Thanks everyone
  9. I'm sure it was Osiris either that or Anubis those were the two names I usually went by lol
  10. Cheers it's nice to be back
  11. Hey both looks like we have both come back lol. Hope you're both well.
  12. Hey all, I was a member a while ago but due to personal reasons had to leave both the forum and hobby. I'm unsure how many remember me but I'm back in the hobby and hoping to have learnt lessons from the past to maintain the hobby. I am keeping the tank small and manageable at 90 litres. I live in Swansea South Wales and look forward to getting back into the habit so to speak lol.