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  1. Skimmer poss going nuts due to the filter socks you put on, they have something on them that makes my skimmer go nuts (Bubble Magnus)!! Give them a good rinse in RO first, works for me. Tank looking great BTW! πŸ‘πŸΌ
  2. Is this what I think it is??
  3. Liked the razor, but can't see how they even stack up against the 5 series....but I'm still learning. Β£250 for the 5040 doesn't seem too bad, and I'm reading good things. Never thought about a Radion may have put a cat amongst the pigeons with that! Back to the research!
  4. Open the windows and keep my fingers X'd πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
  5. Hi guys! Looking for help with lighting for a 2ft Razor 120w seems to have just died (power to the transformer, nothing to the light itself)! Was looking at the Evergrow range, but confused as to which model. Also need to bracket mount it (SWMBO orders), but these don't seem to do that, or at least not advertise they do! Tanks a reef tank, mainly LPS, zoas, mushrooms.....typical sort of stuff. Wouldn't say limited budget, but I'm not spending silly money😝. Thanks!
  6. Salifert ones here.....but to be honest I can't actually remember the last time I tested
  7. Cheers W3bbo!
  8. Hi folks!! Think these are spaghetti worms but just need clarification....and your opinion on them, good or bad?? Hope you all had a good festive period and hope you all have a great new year!!!
  9. New circulation pump installed after last one died. Moved few corals around. Skimmer cleaned. Noticed a 'weep' on a guess what tomorrows job is
  10. So I've got home from work....finally and skimmer seems to have settled to as it was before, so I'm a happy camper
  11. Hmmm...think I may need to put a valve on the air intake then, try to limit the air going in. Couldn't have set it any lower, have raised it up a bit too, looked to be bit better this morning, but was out of the door at 06:30 so couldn't get a good look. Think it's the cleaning that did it!!! Cheers!!!
  12. ....and it ain't even 'Spring break'!!!! Holy mother of all that is sacred. WTF have I done to my skimmer?!?! Tinkered with the tank today, had a bit of a clean, including the skimmer, put a new filter sock in the sump, and fed the corals with the Red Sea Reef Energy I just bought (new product to me). Checked the skimmer before bed (3-4hrs after cleaning) and it's full of water! Emptied it, set it going again, micro bubbles everywhere, water foaming straight up the skimmer and within 30 secs another full cup! Have left it running tonight, just emptying back into the sump, but what's caused this? It's a bubble magnus C3.5 (2nd hand off eBay) worked fine the last couple of weeks, in fact was really impressed with it. There is no blockages in the pipe, pump/impeller is clean.
  13. forum

    Sorry to hear about this mate, like the others have said, have a sleep on it, mull it over and look again with fresh eyes tomorrow. If you still wanna jack it in then fair enough.....but you'll be back, its in the blood now!!!
  14. marine

    Just changed mine from a typical sand to the Red Sea Reef Pink argonite stuff, it looks really good and is a bit bigger grain than sand, so little heavier, i.e. Not blown about as much.