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  1. Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome! Grant- the tank is an aqua one ufo550. This is a corner tank 86cm across the front, 60cm from front to back measured along the side of the tank and 58cm deep. The capacity is approx 78 litres, according to a website. Not a massive tank, but just want to dip my toes into the marine word (not literally!). Carl did suggest that the lighting would be fine for soft coral, which I am happy to start with, them maybe if I progress to bigger tanks, I would be happy to invest in t5 lighting units. Do you agree that soft coral would be fine with the built in lighting, as long as I changed the bulbs to blue/white?? R
  2. Hi Darla, Thanks for the reply. I am currently in the research stage of my project so am unsure of the difference between soft and hard coral, but now that I know the lighting would be sufficient for some then, I can start to do a bit of research. I am looking to build up the reef at the back of the tank and don't want to over stock it, co any suggestions would be ideal. R.
  3. Hi, I am venturing into the world of a marine tank, and would like to create a reef tank with some fish. I have kept tropical for many years, but am struggling a bit with the equipment needed. I will be using a protein skimmer (hang on), an internal UV filter, heater and power heads for water movement. My main concern is the lighting situation. The UFO 550 he a built in light unit and wondered if the 2 bulbs in the unit would be strong enough for successful coral growth, or if I will require. Separate stronger unit. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers R