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  1. 6 plus months back into Marines and really enjoying it, my scape has seen a small change it's now pushed back against the rear glass to give more front space for the fish to swim in and its freed more area up for coral frags. Maintenance isn't too intrusive and I have now cut back my water changes to 1 in 3 weeks with the odd one at 2 weeks if my scedule doesn't fit.Fish are now fully stocked with my only worry is my lates addition the flame angel but if I keep him well fed I hope he will leave my frags alone. Starting to see some real promise in my frags and think in the next six months there will be some good growth. Chuffed to bits that my lfs have already given me some store credit for frags that I have taken from my frags, pulsing xenia and kenya trees which would take over if not kept in check.Heres a few pics.
  2. fish

    My lawnmower Blenny rags my arm or hand whenever I do any maintenance expecting food.
  3. Not seen anymore, ugly thing but very interesting with all its leggy things
  4. That's the one, or was decided to get rid :)
  5. Just had another look at it and most of the dangly bits are around one end but definitely some all way down its body, it seems to extend its body at will. The dangly bits do look very much like the ones on spaghetti worms ??
  6. could it be a spaghetti worm ??
  7. Heres another pic
  8. Hi guys any ideas on this one, my wife found it crawling up the back glass, in full light. Its about an inch and half long maybe slightly more and has a single proboscis like bit at one end and lots of very thin stringy leg things that are also as long as the body...never seen anything like it???
  9. Not updated for a while had a busy summer, 2 weeks away without any issues. Getting good coral growth from my little fraggies and I am glad I have taken this route to see them develop nice and slowly and not fussed about having a instant impact. Herrs a few pics.
  10. Cheers Marty, I will keep an eye on it, I was going to put it down on the right hand side with the pulsing xenia, the little fragile of that I got is definitely spreading it's wings. The Gsp is definitely in a prime location at present.
  11. I have started using aqua forest probiotic
  12. Not updated for a while, going away next sat so a bit apprehensive leaving my tank in other hands. Loving watching my frags grow the little pink birds nest is showing a lovely colour and growing very well. Here's a few lowish light pics.
  13. Mine was still set on the classic blue, but have changed it and it looks really good
  14. Ah ok, Am I trying to run before I can walk, everything so far is pretty small frags so was hoping I could bring these on slowly, and there is already plenty signs of growth. I know it's still very early days but thought they would be ok to cut my teeth on so to speak.
  15. What's a dos mrdave ?? Not running a calcium reactor, did buy some calcium additive but my levels are well above where they need to be thanks to stupid Kent reef salt, which I am gradually changing over to aqua forest probiotic,nice and slowly though to hopefully keep things plodding along. I will look at dosing trace elements etc as I go further down the road.