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  1. what was your fish marine fish

    Don't laugh at the wallpaper!! My second (and last :eusa_whistle: ) marine tank taken in 1973
  2. Diy pond filter

    If you are looking at a natural pond with no fish I wouldn't bother with a filter, just give it 2-3 years and let nature balance it for you. Just put lots of plants in there.
  3. emperor angel anyone

    I did have a pair of emperors in a reef tank- neither touched the SPS-one had a go at my zoas but left my one LPS alone, the other didn't touch the zoas but had a go at the LPS. I noticed my aptasia were disappearing but I don't if they were eating them. I would trust them with SPS but with softies and LPS I think it's down to the individual fish-You pays your money and takes your chance.
  4. A few pictures of the koi

    Errm 500ltr vats are what I use to put my koi in to examine them.................. It would be like putting a tang in a nano. If you have a koi pond a gravity fed filter is the best way to go- the problem is if you are pumping 'dirty' water the pump will liquidise the muck and the settlement areas won't work so well.
  5. A few pictures of the koi

    It depends by what you mean by 'keeping koi' because with koi there are various 'grades' starting at garden centre fish and going to show standard fish. Garden centre fish you can keep in a garden pond bearing in mind they will grow large, so it needs to be large and deep (1.5M is a minimum for koi). As you go up the scale (and price) you probably would need a purpose built pond with a gravity fed filter from bottom drains, mainly so you can see them- whats the point of spending
  6. A few pictures of the koi

    I was a fox and it was stuck in the hole, we had to get the RSPCA out to catch it, I wasn't going anywhere near a frightened fox. the conversation with their call centre was fun- ME 'hi I hope you can help me, there is a fox stuck in my empty pond and it can't get out' RSPCA Lady 'Don't worry foxes a very agile and it will jump out' ME 'I can't jump out the pond is 2metres deep and the sides are shear' RSPCA Lady '2 foot is not much for it to jump' ME 'NO 2 metres 6'6"!' RSPCA LADY 'OH are you sure thats awfully deep for a pond' ME 'Yes positive, the pond is for koi' RSPCA Lady 'are they goldfish' ME 'Sort of...... but bigger' RSPCA Lady ' is it a fishing lake' ME 'No its a garden pond' RSPCA Lady 'You have a 6 foot deep hole in your garden' ME Losing the will to live 'YES! with a fox in the bottom of it' RSPCA Lady ' I'll try to get some one out to you as soon as possible, but it may be tomorrow' ME 'Look I have a live fox trapped at the bottom of a hole in my garden, it may be injured, please I need someone now' RSPCA Lady' I'll pass you to my supervisor' After that it all went smoothy the supervisor got got a man out and they caught the fox with one of those snares on a pole and released it in the garden. But that conversation will remain forever in my memory!!!!
  7. A few pictures of the koi

    I was looking through some old cd's last night and i came across these The first livestock addition to my pond :lol: The tremporary Koi holding area And a quick picture of my front garden after we had the 70x 30'-40' laylandii and other scrub removed And a picture of my 'spade'
  8. A few pictures of the koi

    Yes I have high hopes for the chag- Her mum was well over 3' and daddy was just under 3' so she comes from big stock. She is only 4 years old and is 2' 6" and like a snake so she has lots of growing to do.
  9. A few pictures of the koi

    Yes it is an ochiba shiguri although she doesn't have a lot of 'leaves' on her-I liked her because her pectoral fins are brown and when she spreads them they look great.
  10. A few pictures of the koi

    Sorry :blushing: But if you are ever up this way please feel free to pop in, I'll get the coffee on and we can have a good natter.
  11. Keeping a Group of Green Chromis long term,

    This only applies to those Chromis mentioned above. Blue chromis, I assume you mean Chromis Cyanea seem to be extremly difficult to maintain over a long period, I haven't tried them but I know people who have and they waste away even if they are feeding. if you are talking about Blue damsels and Allen damsels they are a different species- Pomacentrus. I'm not familar with orange line, unless you are talking about a Neoglyphidodon Nigroris, again a seperate species, lovely as a juvenile but big, ugly and evil as an adult. I don't know of a chromis with that common name. As with all fish within a genera it is not possible to generalise, some chromis are peaceful shoal fish others can be terrors, you need to do your research on the particular specis before you commit or you may have WW3 in you tank.
  12. Keeping a Group of Green Chromis long term,

    You do realise they are damsels Mark :ph34r: ;) :lol: Edit: sorry couldn't resist, I tried honestly.............................
  13. Keeping a Group of Green Chromis long term,

    I think the first problem is their are two species of chromis imported that go under the common name of green chromis-C.Atripectoralis and the smaller C.viridis, unfortunatly C.Atripectoralis will pick on C.Viridis and may stress them until they die. C.Atripectoralis has a dark spot on the pectoral fin base C.Viridis doesn't, so try not to mix species. The next problem is both species do not react well to handling and travel so they may not be in the best of condition when you get them. I have found that you need to ask the LFS to keep them for a week or so to monitor their condition and if there are any deaths in the group do not buy them- this calls for a very dedicated LFS as they are not high value fish and usually there is a high turn-over of the fish in the group so it's impossible to monitor the numbers in a normal sales tank. I have found they do better if you 'crowd' them, currently I have 14 in my tank and i would recommend never keeping them in a group of less than 6 or 7. I had a group of 25 in the last incarnation of the tank for about 4 years, 19 of those went back to my LFS. I have found they are easily stressed by other boistrous fish in the tank, dottybacks for example seem to dislike them and will stress the chromis. Once they are settled, I have found them hardy and easy but it's all down to the condition when they arrive at the LFS, very often its internal and difficult to spot. Edit: I feed mine twice per day-once on a good quality flake and once with frozen meaty food (size approprate).
  14. A new Look For Reef-Face!

    Good grief!!! I've logged onto the wrong forum!!!