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  1. 10kgs of live rock added
  2. Moved stock to new system, filled up new system, and dismantled old one
  3. Well I do think they are stomatellas, can you have too many in the system, I have counted about thirty now
  4. Yeah I think I will keep the lot in the sump
  5. Many thanks guys, the dragons breath looks great in the sump, was told not to put in main tank as it could break off and take over the main tank. I am upgrading very soon so all the macro algae is going to the new larger sump.
  6. I think the red one might be dragons breath, but I am sure someone on here can confirm
  7. I hope this is the right place for this, I have a couple of macro algae I am trying to identify , Any ideas. One is the red one and the other is the green grass like one Thanks in advance
  8. Looking really good, glad things have all worked out in the end.
  9. It has a purple mouth , if that's any help It looks just white when closed
  10. Well I take it if nobody knows what Zoa this is it must be rare, I have four now so may have to look at fragging them LOL
  11. Any ideas please And under blues
  12. Deep fried
  13. Sorry, was confused , thought you meant dinoflagellates bioluminescence.
  14. I suppose it saves having actinic lighting at night
  15. internet speed