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  1. Added to more Xenia frags, upgraded my sump light to a spot lamp with an Orphek led bulb for better Chaeto/Caluerpa growth.
  2. Sump Gurgle.

    Well, a lot of owners of this tank have had problems with the durso being noisy but for most of us a simple extension of the drain, use of a filter sock (which has not always been supplied with this tank) and either an adjustable pump or valve on the return has done the trick. I am glad that you seem to have found a solution and hope it is successful for you. I was thinking of the herbie method at one time but was just not brave enough to drill the glass! The minireef 120l is a nice looking tank but everything needs changing inside it, pump, skimmer, heater, lights etc its just unfortunate that it doubles the cost of the item.
  3. Sump Gurgle.

    I have the same tank as you,,,,,minireef 120l and at first it was noisy as hell but I simply added a filter sock and changed the supplied pump for a jeboa dc1200 running at about 75% and it is now completely silent. Flow was a bit low over the first sump baffle but I have a phosphate reactor with its intake in the last compartment and its output going back in to the first to speed the flow inside the sump and help oxygenate the water a little more. Inside the DT I have a jeboa rw4 to circulate the water around the display. At first I was worried about adequate flow but, after running like this from the start (nearly 8 months ago) every thing has been fine apart from losing one or two of my first corals due to me being impatient and putting them in before phosphates and nitrates were suitably low. Good luck with your tank.
  4. This weekend I have added 2 portions of macro algae, caluerpa and red gracellaria. Renewed carbon and rowaphos in my reactor, cleaned the glass and carried out 2 x 25 litre water changes. Sat down and watched my recently added duncans swaying their tentacles in the flow..........my alternative to an anemone.
  5. Did my weekly 10% water change, checked on the tiger conch i added yesterday (a freebie from MA, thanks guys)! Had another fiddle with the TMC Illuminair. Cleaned the glass and gave the inmates a feed.
  6. Tmc Illuminair 600

    I was shopping for an intelligent light unit on a budget and ended up with the TMC Illuminair 600. Now all I need is a little help regarding settings for my tank (60 x 45 x 45, 120 liter) which contains zoas, candy cane, frogspawn and torch corals.. Does anyone else use this unit and want to share their settings please?
  7. ATM I am acclimating 3 nassarius snails and a conch. Just put the TMC V2 600 on my tank.
  8. 10% water change, checked up on the recently added phosphate reactor. Phosphate has dropped from .16 to .08/.04 (I find it hard to discern the colour differences on the red sea comparator despite using a daylight lamp and double checking in natural sunlight). Corals are sulking a little from the change in parameters but there you go. Hopefully they will recover apart from the duncan which became detached from its plug in transit so I pushed it in to the sand hoping it would be ok like that but my hermits toppled it 3 times in as many days making me have to push it back ultimately damaging it.......doh! Cleaned the glass and fed the tank.
  9. Fluidised Sand Bed Filter

    Fluid sand bed filters are still readily available and are being touted as rather effective, unless you can tell us any different from your own experience? I am interested in adding a phosphate reactor and possibly a FSB some time in the future and would value your comments as to why you have moved on from using one.
  10. i am thinking of getting a media reactor for rowaphos and i was wondering that assuming i had a near silent pump how much additional noise would the reactor make when running? if reactors run noiselessly i could consider running a nitrate reactor too, or maybe a dsb.
  11. Rowaphos In Filter

    I now have decided to put the rowaphos in a bag and use the empty filter with its outlet directed at the rowaphos bag so it gets a good flow through it.
  12. Rowaphos In Filter

    I have an old nano filter and am thinking of putting some rowaphos inside it and placing it in my sump. the idea being that rowaphos in a bag needs high flow to be effective so surely the water flowing through the roawphos in the filter will be ok? i do not have a reactor so i am thinking of experimenting in this way. surely it cant do any harm?
  13. so far so good. i have also put a candy cane, frogspawn and torch in the tank and the coral beauty is behaving well.
  14. I did the first of my two week end 10% water changes and stirred my sand a little. Tested my phosphates. Went shopping for a pair of frags. Came home with 5 more established corals. A green star polyp colony, a reverse candy cane 3 head, a torch 2 head, a frogspawn 3 head and a small zoa colony. .
  15. I put a duncan and a small zoa colony in the tank a week ago and so far so good. I cant see overfeeding being too clever though as if some of it lands on a coral the fish could go for it and nip, or seem to nip the coral instead.