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  1. My temp crept up to 27.4 but my tank is totally in-closed with only one temp vent, but I just set-up an normal fan and removed an panel of the bottom of stand
  2. Yes I did get it in the end and he is called Sammy. There was no bullying or chasing for the first 48hrs, then once all settled the yellow tang gave him abit of an nudge just let him know who is boss in the tank other then that its been ok
  3. Thanks
  4. After some advise and people's experience in keeping multiple Genicanthus angels I currently running an 72''x24''x30'' tank so not small or massive, I have an female Lamarck angel (only angel in tank) tank balance is really good at moment no chasing or bullying after I removed the blue line tang. BUT I REALLY REALLY want an swallow tail angel and my local LF had one for sale but instead of just letting my heart buy the fish I decided to listen to my head for once and spoke to staff member and asked them to hold fish until I can make an more informed decision and get some info of you guys on how you got on in keeping multiple angels I understand each fish will behave differently and has it's own personality
  5. Could try an Skimz unit, Genio new skimmers, but lately AqueBee have released there new skimmers called AquaBee Cove build quality looks good. http://www.aquabee-aquarientechnik.de/indexe.html.
  6. got an link to the FB page please
  7. fish

    My Fahaka puffer bitten my hand once before I trainned her, but she did use to take food from my hand