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  1. Mg/l

    Thankyou for your advise fella.i will tread very carefully.
  2. Mg/l

    Hi webbo,Thats what it says on the instruction book that came with the box.I was thinking of useing the same amount as i do when i use my rowa phos which is 75g.Rowa phos reccomends 100g for upto 800ltr.Whats your thoughts?
  3. Mg/l

    Hello guys, Need some help on finding out how much jbl silicate remover to add to my dd cannister reactor?My tank is a 260 ltr with no sump.It says on the instructions book to add a max 1 mg/l How do i convert 1mg/l to grams or kgs as i will need to measure this out to add to the reactor. Many thanks in advance guys. Rob.
  4. Stc 1000 controller

    Im just wanting to know if i have two lives comming out of the heat connection on the controller.And how to program it up so if one heater fails then it switches on the second backup one.
  5. Stc 1000 controller

    Hello fellow reefers, Does anyone have any idea how to wire up the stc 1000 contoller but to only use two heaters and no cooler.Ive looked on youtube but mainly shows how to wire up for heat and cool.If anyone has a diagram to forward i would be very greatfull. Thanks. Ripcurl67
  6. Marine sand cleaning

    Hello to one and all, I could do with some helpful advice on how i can clean my sand bed without sucking up the sand up when using my eheim sand cleaner.It seems to collect more sand than the waste that settled between all the sand.Im guessing that all the waste in there is making my phosphates rise and making my monti go brown. I've just bought a tub of rowa phos and going to fluidize to bring the p04 back to zero. Over to you guys any help will be much appriciated. Thanks. Rob.
  7. Jebao/jacod Rw-15 Wavemaker

    Thanks all still on the lookout.will let you know how i get on.
  8. Jebao/jacod Rw-15 Wavemaker

    Thanks warby for you advise i will look around and see if i can get one.if not looks like a new powerhead.What do you think of the hydor wavemakers???
  9. Hi everyone, Can anyone please tell me how i can obtain a replacement power supply for my RW-15 Powerhead/Wavemaker pls. Mine Has just gone pop . Many thanks in advance . Rob.
  10. Hydro Stream By Ocean Free

    Yep your right najer, I don't have a sump. But need to find something new so that I don't have equipment hanging off my tank.I was talking to a salesman at maidenhead aquatics and he was explaining on the two types of tanks.One was a veneer one which did have a sump with it but no pipe work but not a problem for me.Second one was a tank which had solid wood surrounding it but he said that it would not fit a sump but could go with the mentioned hydro stream.He also mentioned that I could still run my external canister filter and also do away with my protein skimmer which I think would be not a good idea personally. I want to upgrade my tank before I fill it with more corals and fish. Just need some guidance Rob
  11. Hello guys I would like to get some quality feed back about the external hydro stream filtration units by ocean free.I'm looking to upgrade my tank and I think by reading some info on this unit would be the best thing to have and to replace the use of a sump system. What's the thoughts of you guys. One last question on this topic would i be able to do away with a protein skimmer by using one of these?? Many thanks ripcurl67
  12. Coral Problems

    I would say a week or so.
  13. Coral Problems

    Thanks for that najer.I was going to get them but the size i wanted was out of my price range.I hope they bounce back.I will put it down to lack of experience on my part.
  14. Coral Problems

    Thanks for your input kev i appriciate what you said.So in your opinion will my corals bounce back or am i going to lose them?. Rob.
  15. Coral Problems

    Hi kev,You are completly rrigh did the check monday and start to dose 4ml.BUT i got home yesterday to find my candy cane looking worst for ware.So i did another check and nitates had come down but phosphate had gone up.Bth i think my rowaphos may need changing in my reactor as its been in quite a bit.Everything looked ok until i increased the whites on my leds to 75 from 60% so i've reduced them back down again.The whites are only on for 4 hours after ramping up and down.Could this be the cause of my problems with my corals???. Rob.