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  1. more reply options -------choose files interesting post BTY
  2. marine

    sounds like bleaching ,try moving them to the bottom of the tank further away from the lights .
  3. marine

    2 months really what lights are you using ? looks great btw
  4. fish

    occ clowns if I try and clean the back glass .
  5. do you have blue hermits as they love to eat them ?
  6. I use to keep mine in a bag but you can not test when it needs replacing and is wasteful , I also run cheato 24 /7
  7. tank 27 today all time high for me ,anyone consider a ceiling fan ,not only will it keep you cool but the tank too .
  8. top dog yellow watchman won't allow blennys ,we did our road trip and came home with a beautiful 3 inch royal grammer ,he is now fighting over a cave with a yellow tail blue damsel and winning why top dog is standing his ground .
  9. Looking at adding a few more fish as my tank looks a bit empty , 3 foot 35 gallon currently have 2 occ clowns ,1 purple firefish ,yellow tail blue damsel ,1 -4.5 inch yellow watchman goby , fireshrimp and scooter blenney , lps , softies ,nem,sea apple so no coral nippers . Don't really won't chromis ,or cardinals . All my fish get on and would like to keep it that way any advice on new additions please
  10. looks nice ,like the deep contrast
  11. foxface won't eat the roots though !
  12. I like the tetra marine salt ,it mixes very easily and you can mix the day before unlike many salts that can go cloudy and stay couldy if not used wthin a few hours of mixing
  13. OUT OUT
  14. mine is still its normal 25c , we close the curtains and blinds when the sun shines on the window also an explorer front garden helps keep the sun away .