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  1. Shocking!

    Not nice mate in whatever capacity :(
  2. Shocking!

    Showing my age now but these are what I used to work on lol :)
  3. Shocking!

    I think its like most things that are considered dangerous though. Break the rules through ignorance and you will get hurt. Sad that you have to witness somethig like that though. In what line of work is that?
  4. Shocking!

    Its not the volts that kill you mate I can assure you that or as you say I would be dead a fair few times over. The cathode ray tubes and valve diodes etc. arc'd at around 3 to 6Kv in around 1940's and rose with technology to 16-17Kv in 1959 ish. by 1990's they were around 25Kv and went to late 90's to 35kv. They were u;timately really low3 current though maybe a couple of milliamps. Sounds impresive though when you say 25kv lol I remember an experiment at college where we melted a nail at around 12 volts :)
  5. Shocking!

    I think there was about 25K volts in those arcs
  6. Shocking!

    We used to test electricity when re-wiring a house by touching the bare wires to see if it was live. Fair few years back though :) And lost count the amount of times a TV tube has arc'd across onto my arm lol
  7. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    I give up and I'm getting them from somewhere else lmao as its a lot easier :)
  8. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    Actually that really doesnt make sense or am i being a bit thick lol :)
  9. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    And I see your point but i believe the threaded end that actually goes into the hole is 38.1mm so could easily fit in a 40mm :)
  10. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    Don't shoot me I'm just the messenger lol :) Part Number: 0213 Item: 40mm TANK CONNECTOR Description: 40mm Tank connector. Threaded end is 1 1/4 inch BSP Thread. Hole required 40-45mm Price Each: £14.00 Part Number: 0214 Item: 50mm TANK CONNECTOR Description: 50mm Tank connector. Threaded end is 1 1/2 inch BSP Thread. Hole required 50-55mm Price Each: £17.30
  11. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    I have just been on another well known site for aquarium plumbing and what you said is right (you already knew that i know) so it would seem it depends on brand and where you get the fittings from. Glad i didn't go buy the connectors ahead of time before asking on here lol :)
  12. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    How are you getting on with the DCT8000 Si? Is it on half power? Cheers Si I will go with the 40 and 25 scenario then cheers that's put my mind at rest. These hole sizes are still confusing me though :)
  13. Drain And Return Sizes 5Ft Tank

    Hi thanks for that. Just a little confused as if I go on a well know aquarium plumbing site and choose metric tank connector it comes up with 40mm connector requires 40 to 45mm hole and the 50mm tank connector requires the 50 to 55mm hole the 25mm tank connectors require 25 to 30mm holes? Am I reading it right? Does it change with brands? Little confused now [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Without blowing this up into a scientific debate on flow. What diameter pipe is everyone using on their drain and return? I have been looking at a 5' x 24" x 18" tank as an example from a well known aquarium store as its standard size on the site and the standard 3 hole size for the weir is 1 x 34mm return and 2 x 55mm drain. I'm assuming that this is for 32mm and 50mm pipe. This just sounded a little excessive and just wondered what people with 5 ft tanks are using and is this size specifically required? before I saw this i was thinking 2 x 32mm drains and a 25mm return?
  15. Clearseal Reefspace 700

    Thats a big saving! Ooh now you given me ideas! I have family in Barbados so may tap him up or grab some next time I'm out there lol :)