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  1. forum

    Ive been using the Triton method for 2 years and was considering going back to nsw because my tanks corals grew like crazy and the colours were amazing. Unfortunately this latest disaster has made me re think things and yesterday when I examined the tank I decided as it was 10 years old to dismantle it as I would not have felt secure knowing that it could happen again Because it took 10 men to put it in place I smashed it yesterday in situi and today begin the task of cleaning everything Its time for a break, anyone who remembers my blog will understand the problems Ive experienced in the past with this huge set up I need a break and hopefully return at some point in the future
  2. forum

    No dont think so, Ive been struggling lately with bad water from our supply, weve had hardly any rain for 6 months and the resevoir is at an all time low My tds reading was so high from the tap 940. making it almost impossible for my osmosis and di pods to cope I guess its the straw that broke the camels back
  3. My 2000 litre tank decided to part company with its silicone , and Ive just spent the last 4 hrs mopping up. Luckily I was at home when this hapenned Ive managed to recover all the fish and put them into a 500 litre container and the. Orals and live rock Re now in a 1000 litre container I think thats it for me as I am going to sell everything Ive got gyres and vortechs, 6 kessil led A360s and loads more I will add all of it in the for sale section Totally fed up and miserable
  4. Checked phos and nitrate, recalibrated doser as I am now using the Triton core 7 elements which are now concentrated so no need to add RO water to them, adjusted the doser and dosing 1/7th of the amount previously. AND no water changes which has been the reason I changed to Triton almost 2 years ago, no more guessing what to add. The only down side would be the cost of using this method, but for me I would rather pay more and have a better understanding of what my corals are consuming and rectifying the amount. Cleaned my sump and trimmed my algae bed which is keeping nitrates in check , no more guessing the amounts to add
  5. Yes sorry to hear that, thanks for all the advice you have given to many on this forum, and hope you will be back in the near future
  6. Thanks I thought that but wanted to make sure thank you
  7. Hi Guys, Need a little help re my dosing pump. Ive just recalibrated it according to the instructions and now I have RO water in the tubes after calibration. As I am only dosing 35ml over a 24 hr period I guess that there will be no dosing liquids entering the sump until this ro has been exhausted, so do I get rid of the ro in the inlet and outlet tubes or am I missing something here. If anyone has a Jebao I would appreciate what is correct.
  8. I did try the Store Locater on the Red Sea site and the nearest one is 130 km away on the mainland
  9. Can you confirm Kev that its ok to calibrate with 0 TDS RO water Ive read that its only ok to use calibration fluid
  10. Thanks Ive ordered one now from WC Germany, be here on friday Cheers
  11. I like the look of the Red Sea one. My ATC is really difficult to see where the line is and I just need one that is accurate Ive looked here in Spain and at my LFS but can only find those cheap Chinese ones Will take a look on some on line sites that will ship to me Thanks again
  12. Cheers, I appreciate that, I will take a look at the Red Sea ones
  13. I am hoping that someone has one of them and can report their experience using them
  14. Hi Guys, Have not contributed much lately, but I regularily look at the posts. I would like your advice re which refractometer you consider to be the most reliable. I have 2 ATC ones which I am constantly calibrating and get different readings on each of them. I also have an Aqua Medic one which is the type with the ball bearings and is glass. This one doesnt correspond with the others so I have 3 different readings I have seen that some of these are from China, and they differ in price from 12 pounds to around 35 pounds. I cleaned out my 500 litre sump a couple of days ago and had to replace with RO so this has dropped the salinity, as I am using the Triton method I am concerned that my salinity has dropped to around 1023 and I have been trying to increase the salinity which I am doing slowly, however I really need to be sure about my salinity so I would appreciate your comments. I have seen one from Milwalkee, and one from Hanna, both are around the 200 pounds price which I would bite the bullet and buy if I was sure that this would be reliable.
  15. Thanks, that seems to have sorted it.