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  1. You can get chaeto from most LFS or if you ask on the forum there may be someone local to you who can give you a handful but make sure it's a disease free system it's coming from. Myself personally gave the chaeto I got in the first place a good rinse in RO water yes this may kill the critters in it like pods ECT but it will also take out any nasties on it. You can then add pods to it the pods however will not stay there they will get pumped around the tank the chaeto just gives them a nice breeding ground. I use to give my chaeto a shake now and then in my sump this releases some pods into the water column that get pumped into tank. Also make sure you get a decent light for the chaeto it will help it grow. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. if you only have a few pull them out as a Harlequin will need a lot of starfish to live which will mean you will soon need to buy starfish to feed it. I have some in mine I just pull them out now and then but if you find any munching Zoas ECT if you have Zoas then look at getting a Harlequin to take them all out but until then see them as free CUC Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. I run an inline TDS meter on RO unit 0 TDS out and when in storage upto 300L I will happily use it if it creeps upto 5 or less other then that gets dropped out and re-filled had no issues
  4. Thanks for the kind offer. I don't have a clue where they could of come from I've not added any montipora for a long time the last editions was some LPS
  5. My mate asked me if I have peed on a witches foot haha I have a cleaner wrasse and a mystery wrasse in there I don't want to add another wrasse as the mystery not a cheap one so last thing I want is a cheap wrasse killing it all be it's big. It just annoys the backside out of me take looking bare now
  6. Well there no montipora left in there now I just binned the lot they can starve now
  7. Having noticed most of my montipora starting to have patches of stripping for no reason as all water fine I decided tonight to pull a pice of plate and look and found these !!! Montipora eating nudibranch  so I proceeded to just simply rip out all my montipora family and bin them this is just a small amount I binned To say I'm fooked of is an understatement and to be honest I don't think I can be arsed with it anymore as so far I've had White Spot x 3 Velvet AEFW acro eating Flatworms Brown Jelly Disease Polyclad Flatworms Red Planeria Flatworms Dinoflagellates Bryopsis Bubble algae And now Montipora Eating Nudibranch!!!! With all montipora removed they should now starve and a lot of the little buggers went in the bin. There may well be a follow up with a for sale thread !! a scotch mist off Marty
  8. Well I returned the brick as was still floating this morning !! can clearly see there an issue with it so it's being replaced next week when new batch comes in. The one I went for was the nitrate removing one with sulphur in the mix
  9. Is anyone using one of these got one this morning and I'm soaking it as recommended but only issue is it floats !! It's ment to be X amount more absorbant ect but clearly not as it's floating and has been since this morning when I started soaking it
  10. This who I use and infact it's £12500 worth of vet cover. Hope me posting a link not against rules as it's not marine related so won't be upsetting any suppliers if link is not acceptable then please remove My dog is KC registered so don't know if that makes a different on cost and I've been with them from the beginning when I first got her
  11. Whack a load of Biohome media in the sump and that's your biological filtration taken care of i use to run that in my sump when freshwater and I continue to use it in my marine sump as well :)
  12. I have a KC registered Retriever and from the beginning I have had cover through the kennel club it costs me £24.50 a month and is what they call a life policy and covers upto £7000 for surgery and also coveres re accruing conditions year on year should any arrise. Read your policy carefully as some won't cover existing or long term conditions the policy I have is the top end one and even if it cost me more a month I know I have no worries should she become sick. Glad yours is going to be ok now it's crazy what they can eat at times
  13. A bit of an update on the skimmer I am very impressed with the Deltec SC1660 it has restored my faith in there skimmers it's skimming like a champ and the foam head it produces is awesome
  14. It really is pulling the crud out it must be playing catch up just goes to show the performance difference this was taken earlier and has been in system 24 hours So obviously the old skimmer was falling short on performance and hence it finally packing up.
  15. Well a bit of an update on it so far in first day of ownership 6:30pm this evening And by 1am Seems to be pulling out really well