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  1. Sounds like fun
  2. Thanks buddy well so far I'm looking at reef roids D+D lps food and there's two similarly products called coral fusion and reef fusion. I think I'm just going to get one and give it a whirl at my current stocking levels I don't expect I'd be feeding it often possibly a pinch every week/fortnightly
  3. Hey guys and gals so I've got a few lps corals now and well I've never directly fed any of then but they seem so be doing well, but I've recently picked up an acan And I'm wondering if I should start feeding a coral food? I do plan on getting some more acans and other lps (caught the bug bad) also thinking abut trying out some sps soon as well.
  4. marine

    Hi and welcome to Reef-face
  5. Tank looks amazing buddy
  6. Good to hear :-)
  7. Try a one way valve on the pipe at the nipple on the overflow box to keep the syphon strong and stop any air getting in
  8. I can't see the poll on Tapatalk. But I run iquatics pro aswell
  9. Thinking of giving them a whirl well might try the bio clean one and see how I get on
  10. Hey guys only me
  11. Haha I got 10th! You can tell I don't know friar tuck all about football
  12. So what did you do to beat the algae issues
  13. I've just stopped dosing the nopox a few weeks ago due to similar algae and now I've got cyano again aswell I can't blame the nopox but I think it's contributed as I had the same problem last time I used it, I suppose I should of persisted with it and stuck it out.
  14. Have a Google of dinoflagellate and check it against the algae on your sand to be 100% sure then you can start looking at solutions to deal with it
  15. That on the sand looks a lot like dinoflagellate is it like a copper colour?