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  1. User Names

    Going to guess @@DJ23bol is something along the lines of first initial of first name and of second name, the 23 is either his house number, his or a family members birthday or his lucky number and the BOL stands for Bolton. @@DJ23bol... Come on mate hahahaha
  2. User Names

    Mine is pretty easy - the T is my first initial and BERT is part of my surname and the 33 is the house number of my first house! Although i am considering changing my username on here shortly!!!! Keep an eye open folks!
  3. Natural History Museum

    Got to agree @ - it is a FANTASTIC place. My wife treated me to a surprise trip there a few years ago and i was mesmerised with what they have on show. The Darwin Centre was also amazing! Not sure if you got to go in there but its where you get to go behind the scenes to have a sneak peek at some of the 'subjects' the scientists get to work on - virtually most animals that you can think of pickled in jars - not for the feint hearted but it is a fantastic experience. You even get to go into the autopsy room where they directed the biggest squid ever caught - think they did a documentary on it. Definitely recommend it to anyone!
  4. We Are Recruiting!

    Bump Bump bump guys - I'm sure there is a few who would love an opportunity to work for Red Sea! Thanks for posting Kev. Hope your well mate.
  5. Your Tds

    When i last ran some water off mine was in the region of 198 and I'm in Bolton. Not that bad considering i've heard of some stories being high around the 750 mark! I would have thought their membranes wouldn't last too long!!!
  6. Really like the look of these contraptions @@SantaMonica and thanks for the through write up. I think there is enough evidence to show that these work and if i was in the position now i would put an order in with you (I'm currently without a tank). Keep up the good work mate!
  7. What Are These On My Snail?

    1st thought that came to me were dove snails however after having a quick look they do resemble limpets. I had a load in mine none were massive but seemed to do a nice job considering the size!
  8. Jellyfish?

    I'm sure our sponsoe @reefeden had some jellyfish tanks for sale. Personally i think they are to be avoided for now. They have short lifespans and i haven't seen many people really keep up with them - other than the restaurant in the Trafford Centre that @@wayne1973 has mentioned.
  9. Aquamedic Reefdoser Evo4

    Thanks for posting about this @@markalex74. looks a nice piece of kit and i agree really handy to have the external programmer. i know the 4 pump Jeabao is really rated for a cheap dose but if i was looking for one id spend that little bit more for this over that because of that programmer. So now the question is.... who is going to buy one and do a forum review for us :icon_thumleft:
  10. Purigen Use

    another lover for perigean. Ran it in my Nano and my 275. A great product and one that i would use again if i got another tank. I have no experience of running it in a reactor though. Just used media bags.
  11. I've looked at some pictures of the tank. Up until now I've been happy i no longer have a tank... Now the pictures have lit a small flame inside :)
  12. Live Sand And Keeping A Chalk Goby

    I never got on too good with the Blue Cheek Gobies. I have had 2 in established tanks and both were a complete and utter failure. Both hit the sand initially and then hid. There were definitely no shortage of food. They were there one minute and never to be seen again. Although saying that my last one showed its face after 2/3 MONTHS!!! He was in a terrible condition and i have no idea where he had hid himself. I know @@merser has had some success with his standard Chalk Goby. Definitely does a good job but the Blue Cheeks are hit and miss in my opinion.
  13. Breaking News - Iquatics Bio Pearls Coming Soon !

    @@mrdave... shared on Facebook! @@Daz4126 - can you please share on twitter mate? i can't log on!
  14. Any Members In ......

    Cheers @@warby... still around mate more in the background at the moment but still very much here.
  15. Any Members In ......

    Now heres the making (albeit a small one lol) of a local meet up guys!!!!