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  1. how come this has dried up ,has a new thread been made
  2. Thanks not worrying so much now will add more food first but not a major issue as you guys have said I still have to clean glass so must be some in the system was just worried when test said zero
  3. think i may put abit more food in see what happens
  4. still get algae on glass i clean it every 3-4 days but dont run a reactor anymore not had one on for weeks now since i started running pearls
  5. my phosphate shows zero on all three of my test kits im worried the corals may suffer is there any way to raise it without my nitrates going up
  6. Merry Christmas to all
  7. the t piece is open at one end so it can take as much s it wants bm 70 seem to be good but my 100 didnt work well going to stick with this one now as i have really good movement
  8. Have installed a t piece to the input of my skimmer so that the output of the reactor goes straight to the skimmer
  9. so when my pearls start working that's what my tank's going to look like , i wish very nice tank's
  10. thats true rory think i may just keep them in this and just use the bm for carbon or phos if needed in the future
  11. popped them in a different reactor while i make a few changes to the bm100 ,much better flow now
  12. Cheers tom ,work in progress
  13. Only small but beautiful
  14. Think that's going to be the plan mate