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  1. New Sponsor

    Welcome to Reef-Face @Osmotics
  2. Reverse Osmosis Systems and Accessories

    Bought my first kit from you guys. I can testament to the quality as its still going strong!
  3. Chinese Houyi Lighting Led Units

    No idea I'm afraid. I would guess the hy-ao2 would work.
  4. Gonna give the nutra shots a go. Save me dipping my hands in twice for the rings or algae sheets!
  5. Parameter log

    Here's mine. Bit more complex with some fancy graphs and tools. I also added some conditional parameters to show at a glance where my levels are. Green = good, yellow = requires adjustment, red = danger. This obviously depends on your own ideal parameters, mine are: Temp = 26 Ph = 8.2 Ca = 400-450 Alk= 6.5-7.5 Mg = 1280-1425 PO4 = <0.05 NO3 = <6ppm Reef Tracker 2017.xlsx
  6. Please welcome TMC to Reef Face

    Welcome guys. Good to have you on-board.
  7. hawaii aquarium trade stopped indefinitely

    I don't think the problems stems from indigenous populations, its the traders from foreign seas who come to plunder areas then move on without a thought for conservation thats the problem.
  8. Aqua medic antired

    I too have a bottle of anti-red (and chemiclean!) but never tried either. I wouldn't put too much faith in increasing flow as that is just going to disguise an underlying issue. There are a few theories as to the cause of cyano and my own is that it is due to an imbalance of bacteria vs available nutrients. So if you out compete the cyano bacteria with another 'good' bacteria (Dr.Tims etc) AND resolve any nutrient issues/imbalance problems you have, the cyano should start to disappear. I'm not a huge fan of adding chemicals unless it is a last resort. They should never be used as a quick fix imo as the effects will likely only be temporary and therefore the risk outweighs the (temporary) benefits. Do's: ...Decrease lighting schedule and/or intensity ...Balance nutrients ..Introduce competing strains of good bacteria. Don't: ...Turkey baste areas where cyano is. It will spread rapidly. What you need to do is 'suck' up any carpet cyano with the baster and dispose of all water sucked up along with the bacteria. When i get it I suck it out with a pipe when doing a waterchange. ...Overdose! Obvious one but you can overdose with chemicals and nuke your tank. In effect you will be nuking your bacteria in your tank, both good and bad. This will have a large effect on your tanks ability to deal with existing nutrients and may cause a new cycle. Just my thoughts - I'm sure there are many other theories with different recommendations
  9. Classified section

    Hi Alan. You will not be able to view the classifieds section until you reach 25 posts. You won't be able to post in there until you reach 50 posts. I appreciate this can be frustrating but these restrictions are in place to protect forum users from scammers (not saying that you are of course!). Hope you understand.
  10. Apex idiot's guide

  11. Welcome to Reef Face Mike.
  12. DIY Macro algae reactor

    Interested to see what results you get.
  13. Tapatalk issues

    Sorry for the delay. This should now be rectified. There were issues with the server not recognising the new version. Let me know if you are still having issues please.
  14. Tapatalk issues

    Yeah I'm getting the same. I've raised a ticket so we'll see what comes back but I fear the recent security patch has some incompatibilities. It's server side not your end. I'll keep you posted. For now I'm afraid you will have to log on the forum as usual rather than tapatalk.
  15. Dosing made simple

    Nice simple guide mate
  16. Mg/l

    Just checked the instructions. The pack comes in a 400g box so 360mg (1mg per litre) seems a very low dose! For info there are 1000mg to a single gram! Can't help you any further than that mate. Watch your alk as this stuff will drop it.
  17. Mg/l

    1mg per litre (1mg/l) so for your setup it would be 260mg which is a seriously small amount lol. Are you reading the instructions correctly?
  18. Deffo interested in cheato reactors IF they can be made and sold relatively cheaply. The ARID reactor looks the business but is ridiculously expensive for what it is which is why many have taken to the DIY route. If you could produce something in the middle ground (effective but cost conscious) I'm sure it would appeal to many. For the purposes of this thread I would like to see a direct comparison of effectiveness between a cheato reactor and one of your ATS. IS one better at low or high nitrates? Positives and negatives etc. As the turf scrubber 'produces' GHA from scratch whereas the reactor simply grows cheatomorpha that is required to be added to kick things off - which route is best? Of particular interst to me is phosphate reduction effectiveness. Look forward to your updates
  19. Reef Face

    I can only second what @mrdave has already said really. In truth I've been struggling with my own setup, well not so much struggling but pretty much running it on autopilot and what with the photobucket demise (no longer free) my own thread took a hit with regard to picture updates. The forum software allows us to simply drag and drop straight onto here though so I'll update my own thread before asking others to update theirs! I'm not one for facebook etc and feel the forums are where the real structured information is. The thing with facebook is trusting who is messaging. With a forum you can look back through previous posts (And tank threads) to ensure the info you're getting is based on experience and not regurgitated. We're open to any and all suggestions for how YOUR forum should be operated so please don't be shy - give us your opinions please. Long live the forum. Long live Reef-Face :).
  20. Bryopsis??

    I'd say so yeah. Raising mag stupidly high (1500+) sometimes helps. My foxface nailed whatever bryopsis I ever had.
  21. Hi Guys

    Boiling it should be fine. You could just put a small piece of milliput over the nem which would save you a lot of hassle. Chances are though if there's one in the tank, more will have already seeded unless you are incredibly lucky.
  22. My Bit Of Water

    Sounds great. Got any pics?
  23. Hi Guys

    Wish I had that much space to play with!
  24. Light for 2ft tank - Evergrow??

    The new 5 serious seem to be a good option if you don't want to go Maxspect again. You might also consider a single 2nd hand radion 3 which seem to be around the £200-£250 mark now.