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  1. I'd buy one if I didn't have my GHL. The great thing about them is you can set different schedules throughout the day. Say you want reef crest for the most part but want to run nutrient control between midnight and 2am you can set it to do that. The Reef link gives you more flexibility that just the bog standard pump and second hand ones go for around £50 so well worth it imo.
  2. With temps hitting 28c today I decide to hook up the chiller. Prior to plumbing it in the temps were 27.3. Now back down to 25.5 within an hour or so. Hate the noisy fan but it shouldn't be on for too long knowing British sunshine doesn't last for more than a few days! Hows everyone else managing?
  3. Did you try this @mr tap water
  4. Never heard of them. Sounds good though if its making your skimmer is more efficient. Got any pics?
  5. They look nice and healthy! I'd love another nem and a pair of clowns but wary of them going wandering over my SPS. MY magnifica hasn't moved in four years but the two GBTA/RBTA I've had never settled :(.
  6. Just try and make sure hes not munching on the polyps. Seems to be healthy though so may be he just likes it there lol.
  7. Cheaper (and less hassle) in the long run to get voice control though me thinks :D
  8. No bacteria or dead skin on the coral for the crab to dine on? Seems strange!
  9. I wonder what it does when the other half refers to it as 'that f****** tank'! Seems a bit pointless imo and open to security issues.
  10. No, different type of bacteria I believe.
  11. I think this little bar steward has been decimating my hermits. I used to have 10 or so blue leg & algae hermits before putting him in the tank. Now I only ever see the halloween one. Anyone kept them before?
  12. Agree with @mrtapwater. We need more pics please!
  13. Beautiful. I love Angels.
  14. ID

    Tempted to get one but fear my Emperor will take it to dinner and as you know...once they get a taste for it. :(.
  15. ID

    Looks to be a stunner. Angels not taken a liking to it?