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  1. No, different type of bacteria I believe.
  2. I think this little bar steward has been decimating my hermits. I used to have 10 or so blue leg & algae hermits before putting him in the tank. Now I only ever see the halloween one. Anyone kept them before?
  3. Agree with @mrtapwater. We need more pics please!
  4. Beautiful. I love Angels.
  5. ID

    Tempted to get one but fear my Emperor will take it to dinner and as you know...once they get a taste for it. :(.
  6. ID

    Looks to be a stunner. Angels not taken a liking to it?
  7. Dunno who told you that but they are talking out of their backsides. Bristleworms are scavengers that will eat fish poo, uneaten food etc. They will eat fish, snails etc but only if they are dead. Eunice worms and fireworms you want rid of for sure but bristleworms are beneficial to your tank. I wouldn't be without them.
  8. Hopefully no nasties leaked out. Have you considered titanium heaters? I'll never use glass heaters again.
  9. ID

    Biggest I've seen is about 10" diameter. Dunno how big they grow in the wild.
  10. Copper in such low doses will be harmless to fish but to corals & inverts? I'm not so sure.
  11. Stray voltage wouldn't normally give you a shock per say as the voltage wouldn't be high enough to shock you - stray voltage in the common sense would be undetectable by touch. Certainly sounds like an electrical issue you're having though if you are getting shocks. With the shocks being intermittent and I note you recently bought some glass heaters; that would be the first place I would check. If there is ANY sign of condensation inside the units (look rely close) then get rid as they will leak heavy metals and you really do not want to deal with that.
  12. ID

    Yup, looks like an open brain to me. Trachyphylia sp.
  13. Bristleworms are great CUC. Why are you taking them out?
  14. What is making you think you have stray voltage Grant?
  15. The only thing I see as a problem is the Aiptasia. Nothing much reliably kills them without causing more to crop up. I had great success with a copperband butterfly. Turf algae is easily sorted with a tang or foxface. Most angels will eat sponges. There are of course chemical alternatives but imo they should only be used as a last resort.