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  1. Red Sea Reefer Xl 425 & 525

    I love the Red Sea systems. I'll be looking at the XL525 for my next upgrade. Daz, we need a build thread for the reefer your doing at work. And tell Mark that we all want to see a juicy LPS system :)
  2. Jebao Gyre

    My 2 WP25 are now 2 years old and have run faultless on max flow for all of that time.
  3. Nitrate Rising Slowly.....

    Increase flow to the pellets and/or increase the amount. Just to counter Daz :p
  4. Purigen Use

    Purigen is an expensive media. In a large system with high bioload, it seems rather wasteful. It is of course preference. If you follow the instructions there's no risk. Most if not all anecdotal accounts of various supplements, treatments, and media having caused crashes etc are all down to the users not understanding the product and/or not following the precise instructions for use or reuse. As I said preference but people take paranoia way too far.
  5. Jellyfish?

    Jellyfish need to be kept in a system called a Kreisel. Other than this they need no specialist care. They are also not difficult to care for.
  6. Purigen Use

    I've always used Purigen for marine. Its the dogs spherical objects. Perfect for fluidising. I have 500 ml in a BM Mini 70. Lasts forever, and can be cleaned and put back into service. I can't remember ever buying any new purigen in the last 4 years.
  7. Coral Id Please

    They're a green palythoa.
  8. As the title, I'm looking for a few lettuce nudibranch to take care of an annoying little bryopsis I have at the moment. I'd really appreciate it if one of our respected sponsors can help me out. Thanks :)
  9. Maxi Nem

    Nice and easy to keep nem. Don't get to big, and don't wander round stinging the crap out of everything.
  10. Reef Face Meet

    I'm up for it. Needs to be a Saturday or a Sunday though. I can travel within reason, but also just as happy to host it too.
  11. Apps For Tracking Water Parameters

    The apex doesn't measure everything though. I have a complete history of 13 different parameters in 3 systems spanning 3 years.
  12. Apps For Tracking Water Parameters

    Aquarimate. £6 but worth every penny.
  13. Target feeding with a syringe full of diluted polyp lab reef roids works really well. Aim the syringe at the base of the sponge and feed very slowly. It's surprising just how fast they can pump water through their bodies, so you'll find that over 30 seconds or so of small particles targeted at the base, quite a lot of it will get taken up. A couple of drops of live phyto diluted in tank water works well too.
  14. Clearseal Reefspace 700

    A reactor is a cylindrical container that has water fed through it by a pump. The cylinder is partially filled with a filter media, likke Seachem Phosguard to remove phosphates, or Activated Carbon to polish the water. Another common use is for bio pellets, which removes nitrates and phospahtes. The idea is to feed water into the bottom and the water flows upwards through the media, making it flow and tumble like a liquid itself, which is why these reactors are referred to as "Fluidised Reactors" or "Upflow Reactors" Personally I use 3, each filled with a different media in my sump, and I love them. Do you have to have one? No, not at all. You can use a substrate like miracle mud, and big handfulls of macro algae like chaetomorpha. You'll need a light for it, but that's what it called a refugium and can harbour a wonderfull array of zooplankton, rotifers, copepods etc. You could just pile lots of live rock in the sump, live rock is the most natural of filtration :) There a many different ways to filter your system. Take some time to read up on a few and see which way works best for your system and the animals your choosing.
  15. Rip My Beautiful Tang's

    Quite a poetic end for such a gutsy little fish. Hope everything goes smoothly with the fallow period.