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  1. bought new additions yesterday..... I fragged my 4 headed toadstool and Kenya tree and got 20 pound at my lfs so I traded then in for theses.... anyone want to tell me what type my zoas are
  2. Yh I have been having a look... ohh ill try that then thanks
  3. Do I just cut it off at the bottom ? And will normally superglue be ok to use ??
  4. Just treated myself to a fragging kit, mainly because my toadstool has split into 4 separate bits and stuck it's self to a piece of live rock and I want to move it..... any tips I have a mushroom to move aswell
  5. I know what you most of mine I have had from frags
  6. They grow well as well... my lfs said they do but it's only small atm
  7. Boom they have opened
  8. There you go guys.... Got a Xenia, trumpet coral and two rics...... Did have the ric set niicly but I have a Fish that likes to knock new coral over, also my trumpet hasn't opened yet dunno why
  9. Decided to buy goldpids. .. will let you know how it goes
  10. Let re stocking comense... will add more photos later. Also bought gold pods will let you know what I think
  11. Ohh cheers guys ... dunno which one to try tho
  12. So what's the difference between this and reef rods and which one is better
  13. What is it ??? My lfs use it
  14. I think im going to keep it cheap, my local has a good selection on 5 and 10 pound frag, Ideally id love a frag rack. Im going to get a fragging kit because as you can see my toadstool has split 4 times and my Kenya tree has too, so I was going to trade them in
  15. Haha yh I'm going to upgrade next year more then likely , atm I'm going to start re stocking coral again