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  1. No Probs mate , thanks for the order :-)
  2. only got Aragocrete pal, I did fing an open packet of ceramic tho so I will chuck those in too ;-)
  3. Ok mate definitely got those will let you know shortly
  4. Cheers mate , received , I am wondering if I have the ceramic in tho , I'll double check tomorrow and let you know , will sort something out if not
  5. Hi mate, sorry I've stopped doing these , they were too time intensive to produce so not worth it :-/
  6. lol, that's the sign of well functioning unit the spaghetti piping Here's mine
  7. Ideally you want a bit of over hang , so Maybe 415mm long ? 110 wide and have the inner strips assuming sump internal is 390mm then that gives 3mm clearance each end ? Will get a price for you anyway mate as all this is academic if I come back with £100 lol
  8. Not sure the bend is a good idea as it'll potentially make the load transfer through at an angle pushing the sump glass one way or another .. 5mm or 10mm so is go 10mm and have a couple of 5mm strips bonded on the inside to stop the acrylic twisting or sliding That's if you think 10mm thick will be sufficient, tbh I wouldn't recommend resting it on your sump, so it'll be a make it for you job and then you make sure it does what you want sort of score
  9. Yeh so 3kg isn't too bad I guess
  10. What litre in total?
  11. And what sort of weight we talking ? Acrylic loves to bend
  12. Yeh could make something like that , but wouldn't recommend sitting it into of a glass sump .... If the legs go all the way to the base then yes ...
  13. Actually maybe tapatalk doesn't notify me as well ... Only when I'm on desktop probs
  14. Received thanks mate and replied :-) No notification tho...
  15. Lol on their way !