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  1. Guys I have had an out break of bryopsis and was manually farming it out. It has started to get hold so I thought I would try Fluconazole . It is tricky to get hold of in England but easy enough from America . I have seen it for sale at a LFS for £5/ tablet on offer OUCH !!!! i paid 44 dollars including postage for 20 capsules 200mg i will let you know how I get on. I am expecting my skimmer to go nuts with the die off from the bryopsis but will leave it turned off for 2 days . This is a 14-21 day one off treatment so no water changes for up to 3 weeks. This is also aledgedly a great treatment for GHA
  2. not been around for a while.....

    You still running triton ?
  3. not been around for a while.....

    Looking good there @warby Some good colours going on there mate
  4. ID of Critters please

    Hi pal im not 100% sure but to me they look like 1. Amphipod 2.Calcium worm 3.Stomella snail. Take a look HERE If so they are all harmless
  5. New to the forum

    Hi andy and welcome to Reef Face. Do you have any pictures of your system for us to see. Why not start a tank thread and let us follow you
  6. new to this site

    Welcome to Reef Face John, great start and very clean Tell us more about your system
  7. I did a water change and gave the glass a clean :drool:
  8. Water change cabinet tidy glass clean top up dosing containers
  9. Guys I know most of you will know or remember Gordon but please welcome back @Gordon@reefloat to Reef Face Welcome back Reefloat
  10. carlo

    Welcome to Reef Face @carlo Picture size is great What are your plans for your tank ? Fish corals etc. Tell us a little more about your set up please ? Are you running the stock lights ? Have you /are you adding a skimmer ?
  11. Radion G4

  12. Radion Diffuser

  13. Radion diffusers

    Ecotech Marine have released an upgrade for all Radion lighting units. A light diffuser which is compatible with all generations and only reducing PAR readings by 25% read HERE
  14. Attaching corals

    Let’s get this going again guys please vote
  15. New Fish Tank

    How are you getting on with your upgrade pal ? Have you any pictures of your current set up ?
  16. Bryopsis let the battle begin

    Day 6 and it is completely gone. No signs of it what so ever. There has been very little algae on the glass and the corals have started a new growth spurt
  17. New to the forum

    Welcome to Reef Face get a tank thread started pal with loads of pictures
  18. Moderator

    Guys, I received a text last night from Grant ( @mr tap water ) telling me that he has closed his system down and moved it on. To say I was gob smacked is an understatement ! He has also asked to step down from Moderator but will continue to contribute to Reef Face as a member. I would like to thank Grant for all his hard work and input over the past few years and wish him luck in what ever he decides to do next. I feel it is a massive loss to the reefing community and truly hope he gets the salty bug back again soon. Thank you Grant !!!!!!! @W3bbo and I had been discussing asking another member to join our Team due to increasing traffic. So please welcome @chris.viner87 to the moderation team.
  19. It’s been less than a week since the Fiji Ministry of Fisheries & Forests abruptly announced an immediate and complete ban on all live coral and live rock exports from the small island nation. The immediate result has been the loss of employment by three quarters of the staff at Walt Smith International, surely not a great way to start the new year for the families who depend on that income. Fiji was one of the first regions of the world to supply high quality SPS corals to the aquarium trade and over the last twenty years this country has become synonymous with sustainability through farmed corals and man-made rock. It’s very important for all nations to manage their ecosystems and resources but halting a decades old industry so suddenly is rash and in this case, doesn’t seemed to be supported by data or legitimate concerns of over harvesting of corals or rock. Stringent quotas for live rock exports and CITES permits for live corals have been in place to safeguard the environment from overexploitation. To compliment this Walt Smith has developed numerous artificial rock-building projects using local labor, as well as coral farming racks to aquaculture corals which have been extensively documented over the years. It’s one thing to announce a future closure of a fishery of any kind, but the proper thing to do is to phase it out and give stakeholders the chance to redirect their energy. This would allow wild harvesting to support aquaculture and artificial rock making efforts until such a time that it can completely replace the supplant wild stock. We sincerely hope that the Ministry of Fisheries can walk back this sudden hard line stance of wild collection and offer a proposal that doesn’t jeopardize the livelihood of so many people without notice. [Walt Smith] See the link HERE
  20. A statement just released by the Fiji Ministry of Fisheries and Forests is aiming to completely halt the aquarium business in the country, effective immediately! This is very bizarre as for one thing, Fiji has been a model of sustainable aquarium fish & coral harvesting around the world for nearly two decades. Furthermore, there has been no ‘discussion’ about this legal move, nor have any of the stakeholders been contacted about the proposed law change. This statement is unusual in its scope and immediacy, but so far only comes from the office of Fiji Ministry of Fisheries and Forests, and has so far not been corroborated by other branches of the country’s government. The aquarium industry in Fiji supports hundreds of jobs and it’s very peculiar that a single branch of the government would make such a unilateral closure to a very sustainable industry without public input. The Fiji Ministry of Fisheries does mention that it wants to support farmed and cultured corals as an alternative but it’s stated in such a way as if they don’t realize that Fiji already cultures lots of corals, with sustainable projects already being supported by American reef aquarium communities. Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding and we’ll be keeping you up to date on this story as it develops. Full statement is posted below: The Ministry of Fisheries has banned all harvesting, purchasing, sales and export of live coral and aquarium rock (also known as live rock, coral rock or fossil coral) from the 28th of December, 2017. All companies are to adhere to the following: 1. All harvesting, purchasing and sales of live rocks and live coral are now banned, and no export permits would be processed by the ministry. 2. The Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Scientific Committee (SC) will be submitting to the Management Authority (MA) on 7th January 2018 that Live Coral and Live Rock is given a zero quota for 2018. 3. The Ministry of Fisheries and both the CITES MA and SC would be supporting the development of other sustainable options, particularly the development of farmed or cultured coral. See the link HERE
  21. Bryopsis let the battle begin

    As the bryopsis dies off the hermits and tangs are ripping into it. Just changed filter socks and empties skimmer, good job Sarah wasn’t here they stunk to high heaven and were full of large lumps yum yum All parameters holding steady alk 12.6 ca 450 mg 1350 n03 2 p04 0.08 (thought that would be sky high) sg 1.026
  22. Bryopsis let the battle begin

    Well guys a little update on the bryopsis. All corals are doing well I face a little growth spurt and fish are far more active- thinking about it and speaking with @w3bbo this may be due to less matter in the water so less energy taken to swim and I have moved my pumps around. The Bryopsis is 90% gone this is deffinatly a treatment I would recommend