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  1. Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula

    Shame about the MOC pieces mate, I like to see what im buying first. The lack of growth with your chaeto will be down to lack of food source, very low P04 mate Be careful with N03 and P04 mate as the lack of P04 and high N03 can bring out Cyano Good luck with the baby mate happy times
  2. Sand sticking to fish

    The recommended time to go fallow is 6 weeks but it will not hurt to extend that a little. Fingers crossed everything will be ok
  3. Sand sticking to fish

    Do not fear the worst mate, I have had Ws in the past and only lost a few of the fish. Sad you lost your purple tang they are a stunning fish. I would suggest you go fallow for 6 weeks . That will end the WS cycle. Have you got UV or ozone running ? This will help kill the free floating parasites
  4. Coral Box WF-04 WIFI Dosing Pump

    Looks like a great bit of kit @Eric@Fish Street Do you have any reviews of it
  5. First post

    Hi Jason, some nice pictures there mate and great colours on your corals. Please show us some of your system and let us know how you are running it and maintaining it.
  6. Sand sticking to fish

    I think given time the particulates will work through to the filter socks and be gone, you tank is still very immature and you will have small particles that have not bound to the larger rains of sand.
  7. Second tank

    Great stuff mate looking forward to your tank thread and watching it grow. Im sure @w3bbo can help you with the doser as he also uses GHL Im sure @chris.viner87 runs an algae reactor.
  8. Second tank

    Very nice mate, great fish selection there as well. Any pictures of the sump ? How are you running it ? - Dosing,Ca reactor water changes
  9. Equipment cabinet

    As a calculated guess I would say around 10-15kgs mate - that's comparing it to a kitchen cabinet.
  10. Equipment cabinet

    have you had a look at ikea pal ?
  11. Never heard of it mate is it worth a trip ? Much SPS in ?
  12. Ok mate thought you was still in Rochdale what was the shop mate ?
  13. Come back via the M65 and drop into @kraken corals you will not be disapointed mate
  14. Add a few more fish mate have you stopped the N0P0x ?
  15. Maybe plating montis mate You have a risk of cyano at those levels mate
  16. Those are the ones I use pal the pro test kits
  17. @Danny241085 what test kits are you using ? Test kits have moved on massively in accuracy if you like I can test your water for you
  18. Ill sort you some frags at weekend if you like mate, will get you started @Danny241085
  19. Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula

    Do you not think they are getting a bit silly with their names ? Sps are going with silly names like the Zoa (sea flower) trade A few years ago it would have been called an "Ultra" milli now its going to be called Avengers hulk snot milli Think this is a thread starter lol
  20. Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula

    Very nice mate never heard of a darth vader acro pal but looks stunning on MOC
  21. Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula

    what are they mate and were from ?
  22. Interzoo 2018 Red Sea

    Thanks for your input mate @Red Sea Kev
  23. Hydra 26 HD’s went for a swim

    Oh heck mate that's not good . I don't know anything about them to be honest but I do know a man that does or at least he might be able to advise you Id say they need to be stripped down and all traces of salt removed chemically. @Red Sea Kev
  24. Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula

    looks very clean mate and the corals are basing out with good PE If you are still having tang issues try placing a mirror in the most active place of the purple tang it will distract it and give the yellow a bit of confidence swimming around Good work mate