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  1. Hi pal, as we discussed last night, it is more beneficial to spread the dosing out over the day to avoid any spikes. I dose into my skinner section of the sump which allows a slower indraduction of the foundations to the water column and the outlet of the skimmer mixes it .
  3. I'd say if it's just for your 40's I'd say no i use mine above my apex for ecotech gear. I run 3 xr30 pros 2 mp40 qds 2 mp10 qds vectra m1 return vectra m1 water change
  4. I have previously and mine was the same. Think it was ensuring there was no competition for food
  5. I think a multi meter is the only way combined with switching off equipment one bit of kit at a time to highlight where it is coming from.
  6. Yes pal
  7. Also worth testing your RO for P04
  8. Great work pal, Im sure every one will find a theme to suit them
  9. Contact them via pm or in open forum pal or alternatively ring them no set rules really pal
  10. Hi Rob, I have one and have to say it is useless IMO As Webbo said cuc nasarius snails and conch I find best i thought you was using NOPOX ? If so continue using it , it will reduce your P04 with good skimming what is your N03 ? There needs to be nitrates in order to reduce P04 as they bind to be skimmed out.
  11. IIRC they say clear food safe is best for RO as coloured containers tend to leach
  12. Hi Damian, I haven't used either of the lights but friends have and have had great results with both units, I personally would go with the Hydra's . Much smaller and tidier units. Way up the costs and looks then have a good scour of the net. I know @Red Sea Kev is using Hydra's
  13. Most if not all salts will be balanced so as I always advise I keep my parameters to my salt mix so in this instance 450/12.6
  14. As above water changes but test your freas salt water for N03 and P04 before changing it, it may be the problem is with the water pre tank ?
  15. Tank Tests use to sell a few P04 reducing products like phos and doc (P04 remover and carbon) which worked very well but as @W3bbo stated a PITA to rinse. Rowa is essentially the P04 remover side. They also did a liquid phosphate remover which was diluted Lanthanum Chloride very effective but did bond to calcium causing precipitation (cloudy water) like I said very good but am word to the wise, if you are using it keep an eye on your Ca ! Rowa can be using in conjunction with Nopox to help bring P04 under control but only for a short period as it will strip out the P04 giving nothing for the N03 to bind to and be skimmed out. Nopox/Vodka are food for nitrifying bacteria which introduces and healthy balance of bacteria for N03 reduction. The key when carbon dosing is good skimming.