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  1. I'd advise you to get a deltec MC series skimmer pricey but good
  2. What skimmer do you have ? Skimmers can take a while to bed in as a new system the bioload will fluctuate
  3. Hi Dave exciting times just order the 625xxl Red Sea reefer can not wait should be here in three weeks so must get this room ready lol

  4. How it looking now Chris ? Any more stock or equipment added ?
  5. looking good Chris. This hobby is not a quick one. Take your time and build it up the way you want to .
  6. Hi Chris and welcome to Reef Face. Glad I could help you get your head around a few things. As Grant has said don't add any more fish for the time being and allow the tank to build up a bio filter. Looking forward to the pictures
  7. I dose 4 times over 12 hours pal
  8. Hi pal, as we discussed last night, it is more beneficial to spread the dosing out over the day to avoid any spikes. I dose into my skinner section of the sump which allows a slower indraduction of the foundations to the water column and the outlet of the skimmer mixes it .
  10. I'd say if it's just for your 40's I'd say no i use mine above my apex for ecotech gear. I run 3 xr30 pros 2 mp40 qds 2 mp10 qds vectra m1 return vectra m1 water change
  11. I have previously and mine was the same. Think it was ensuring there was no competition for food
  12. I think a multi meter is the only way combined with switching off equipment one bit of kit at a time to highlight where it is coming from.
  13. Yes pal
  14. Also worth testing your RO for P04
  15. Great work pal, Im sure every one will find a theme to suit them