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    I currently cross dress and have a regular spot at the bird cage with the drag stage name of Juliette this is something that is becoming more and more natural to me
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  1. @@mrdave yes you do pal or you know me I'll sell them lol
  2. Cut down on feeding and they should go
  3. Well ive been very quiet on here sorry
  4. marine

    welcome to reef face
  5. marine

    OK here from new york lol they will only pop under blues uvs I ran mine from 7 in The morning going up to 100% at 1 to 5 then going down till 10.30with The blues staying stronger so at 10 The blues where still at %50 then went down quickly had very good grown and colour
  6. A time machine so I could go back if I stick of rock up lol
  7. marine

    If it's brown jelly you need to get it out of your tank or it might effect more lps
  8. @@wayne1973 you thinking of a light change
  9. Winter is coming
  10. forum

    This hobbie can be terrible at times sorry to hear
  11. Do what I do change every two years lol
  12. Welcome back picture are a rule
  13. You need your hearing testing lol
  14. Fragged again as repeat orders