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    my tropical and reef tanks,I'm a big blues brothers fan,and also blues in general,love muddy waters,howling wolf,Sam and Dave.I know a lot of u r now thinking who.
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    4 years
  1. Hello It's Me Again

    Thanks guys,yes it's the same tank
  2. Hello It's Me Again

    Thanks guys,I'm finding my feet again
  3. Hiya guys,second post as I didn't realise u couldn't reply where I posted earlier in tank progressions,ill post some pics in a bit
  4. All In One Nano Tanks

    I've always had nanos,started with a 40l and now a 94l.I've always done weekly water changes and touch wood ive never had an issue:-) as long as u r sensible with the stocking and don't try and keep acouple of tang,nano's r great little tanks to start your marine journey or continue it:-D Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk 4
  5. My Little Nano Tank

    Nice little nano,bet it won't be long before u want to upgrade:-D
  6. Reef-Face Meet-Up! 31/08/2013 @ Cockfields

    I'm still trying to get my oh to make the drive,if we left at about 6:30 we would get there first thing and make a day of it:-D my cat I got from there is doing great and is huge now.
  7. New Additions

    My frogspawn now it's settled One of the best friends And a fts
  8. Help With Big Tank

    Wow now that's a tank:-D it's bigger than my flat lol can't wait to see this up and running;-)
  9. New Addition

    I know,only a few people thought it was wrong:'( and they were told it was ok coz he tried to give it away but no-one wanted it.it's a fb group,May not bother with it anymore if they all have that attitude.
  10. New Addition

    Someone on fb just stuck his in the freezer coz it killed another one of his fish:-o thought that was abit harsh,but didn't want to get into a slanging match on fb.
  11. Duncan Frags

    Yeah,my oh wanted me to sell it for £40 because it was attached to a small piece of lr as well,it's the same person who wants my duncans.I'm going to keep them whole now so doesn't matter:-D
  12. Duncan Frags

    I sold my toadstool for £25 thought the price was ok for what it was and I wanted rid:-/ That's ok then,I know I hate Craig but wouldn't want to upset him/her :-D
  13. Duncan Frags

    Just watching my clowns their home,which is the duncans,don't think I could bring myself to cut their home up:-o do u think they will mind me moving it? Omg Craig will try and tear my arm off. That's what I thought,but wasn't sure as I've never sold any frags before.
  14. Duncan Frags

    A few people have said they look too good to frag lol I'm starting to think the same now:-D they r getting a bit big,but I may move them off the sand and onto the rock,I've got the space on the right hand side of my tank.just wondered on price as someone offered me £20 for half the coral.
  15. Duncan Frags

    I'm thinking of fragging my duncans Was going to try and sell a few heads but no idea how much to ask,any idea what's a realsible price?