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  1. Which Salt Poll

    Reef crystals @ £40.00 for 25kg trade sack.
  2. In Or Out Of Europe

    OUT For me.......... :yes:
  3. What Have You Done To Your Tank Today?

    Ran off 100gals of RO some for me and some for a mate,smashed up a large lump of purple acro and made 50 odd frags,fragged a white/pale green sps into 20 or so frags,and unbanded a 5" toadstool frag that has stuck to the placement rock.Water changes on 2 tanks later when the water warms up....trying some Aquaforest salt to see how that performs as I usually use Reef Crystals.
  4. The Second Best Skimmer !

  5. My Fish-House..

    Thanks Grant,I have had lessons from Dray and I managed to get a few that I am happy with.....I am still suffering from algea problems due to neglect after my knee replacement op stopped me doing a lot that I should have.There are a few new fish in there like the Powder blue,Blue spot wrasse that will get to 12",Chequerboard wrasse,female Bird wrasse,and a Cleaner wrasse and all now feeding on flake so feeding is easy.On a sad note I lost a Blue face Angel while in QT,I just found it dead one morning with no sign of a problem.
  6. Lose Of Colour On Hammer Coral

    I have 2 x 60w e-shine led's and a par 38 over mine and they grow wild as any visitor to my place will tell you.All your stats look very good to me as I have a slight nitrate problem atm and have a bit of an algea issue to contend with but the hammers are doing well on it.Here are a few of mine from a few angles.
  7. My Fish-House..

  8. My Fish-House..

    A few more...
  9. My Fish-House..

    Some new fish pics from 2 of the tanks..
  10. Lose Of Colour On Hammer Coral

    When was the last time you changed the filter and carbon cartridges in your RO...??.I might be wrong but I think the LPS in my reef look better after a WC with new cartridge filtered RO even though it is always 0 TDS.
  11. Looking To Change My Gyre

    I am working Friday but home all WE. Good choice....
  12. Looking To Change My Gyre

    Give me a shout when you want to see what Tunze can do and I will set a few 6055's up in my frag tank and give you a demo....I am back at work now on reduced hours and light duties and working Wed evening,Thurs morning,and Fri evening this week.
  13. Looking To Change My Gyre

    I am a Luddite when it comes to computers as you well know and I also like fiddling with knobs and dials that alter the flow by minute degrees and I can do this with the 7095 and other tunze controllers I use like the 7092 that is on my 5' fowlr with 2x6100's running.
  14. Looking To Change My Gyre

    Also because tunze are so well made I never buy new and have only had one old stream pump fail on me and that was over 15 years old and in continuous use,it just seized up on me probably from neglect.I use 6025's for continuous running behind rock work and 6055's for alternating currents...
  15. Looking To Change My Gyre

    I have several new controllers you can have a look at a 7095 minus cables £55.00.....and a 7096 complete used for 2 weeks( before I changed back to a 7095) for £55.00