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  1. Total Wipeout

    Hi both Sorry to hear the news such a shame Dave.
  2. Thanks they came out of my main display which is really struggling for room. So going for a move around and thinning.
  3. Don't you just love corals like this.
  4. Balling Light Diary

    Good write up James thanks Tony
  5. Hi Yes took them out of my main tank as suffering with room as growth seems to have gone a bit mad. Got to have a real change around and re-scape so lots up for sale soon but not going to frag going to sell as a colony. The cats paw is a good 12" round and the birds nest is about 9 - 10" " great for fraging. Tony
  6. Hi guys and girls As you know been really busy at work for the last few months so not really posted. Anyway thought I would share a few pics of what's going on. Main tank going really well but struggling for room and wanted a big clean out of certain corals. So as you may remember I started a 30 x 18 x 18 opti rimless system and trying the zeo complete system. Tank been up and running about 1.5 months now and things ok. Got a bit of algae which I'm Storting and put a few corals from the main system in to help with rock and system cycle Anyway thought I would share a few pics . Tony
  7. Tmc V2 React 300 Cal Reactor

    Hi Daz In your situation I would use the balling lite method. Small dosing computer and some containers and pipe and your away. If you do regular water changes then the amount you dose would be quite small to begin with. Once you have large growth of sps corals then maybe change to a small reactor. I do understand where lee is coming from but most salts can be purchased quite cheep if got in large bags and split between other people. I buy 20kg of bio carb for £31 delivered. This tends to be the most salt used along with calcium flakes. To me dosing is easy and so flexible which can be modified to changing conditions. Tony
  8. Tmc V2 React 300 Cal Reactor

    Hi Daz That's a big tank for no sump. I'm not sure of the TMC unit as I have never used it... Personally, I would stay away from calcium reactors unless you want to spend a good few hundred pounds on equipment to drive them correctly..... A good ph probe and computer, a good prismatic pump, solenoid valves and some patients setting it up. That said.... When its done it's done.... But things can go wrong very very quickly. I would certainly look at balling lite and a small dosing computer like the new marine colour I have read about and nothing but good things. Much easier to set and drip to a system with no sump than a calcium reactor. Just my 10p m8 Tony
  9. $64000 Question

    Hi Daz Not to put you off these but not sure how big your tank is? Both reactors are for 1000lts + tank sizes..... But to answer the question you can use the deltec pf501 in a sump but that would be a very big sump. Tony
  10. $64000 Question

    Hi yes I got 2 I got an schuran Jetstream and a deltec.....
  11. $64000 Question

    Hi lee will be using both dosing pumps as pulled the calcium reactor off. Not got a spare mp10 :-( Will sort you some orange hammer out. Also got a beautiful purple as well. My daughters boyfriend took about 15 heads off it and is looking after it for me it was huge. I still got about 6 heads on my sand bed.
  12. $64000 Question

    Ok daz will get a list up soon
  13. $64000 Question

    Hehe what do you need daz?
  14. $64000 Question

    Hi Luke Got loads of the bloody things. You can have some of them mate when I start sorting. My frag rack in the back is overrun with zoa's and not sure how to get it off.
  15. $64000 Question

    Hi Just wondered...... I am having a massive clear out and tank/s rearrange before Christmas. So will have loads of sps Lps colonies and equipment for sale. The corals are large and didn't want to frag them. So would you sell before Christmas or after? Tony