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  1. Teach me for not reading the destructions I've never burnt my tubes in and they have always been/looked great Be very careful with the LEDs tho the whites especially I've been running the 8 tube 39w hybrid for nearly two years over my tank Both blues 100% Whites 60% Reds off I have never gone higher than 60% with the white LEDs It's a fantastic light and easily the best light I have used
  2. I have been using the 8 tube 39w for nearly two years It's by far the best light I have used
  3. Do not do well in the temperatures we keep They are a cooler water fish, I have tried and 9 months was the longest I kept one
  4. I have bleached all the rock previous to putting it in my current tank
  5. I am running 2xdct4000 on my tank at 90%.
  6. Yes I know,, I added a updated pic the other week
  7. I am have been since March
  8. Thank you, I have lost a few switching methods and hope at points.
  9. DSC_1861 by Michael Choppen, on Flickr Thanks Mick
  10. once a week,unless it's out lol
  11. That trip looked fantastic
  12. Yes, I would match the salt levels, then test to see what you lose per day. Try to test the same time daily for maybe a week, You will get a good idea of consumption then dose accordingly
  13. DSC_1856 by Michael Choppen, on Flickr
  14. Epo putty
  15. I have another wrasse, picked him up yesterday DSC_0734 by chopsie326, on Flickr