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  1. What Type Of Anemone Do I Have

    I have two rbta that look identical
  2. Hi everyone, just been reading an interesting article on the BBC News page released a few days ago regarding the relationship between clown fish and anemonies, scientists have made a few new discoveries. I enclose a link, no doubt you guys/ gals will find enjoyable reading. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/21601006
  3. some advice needed

    hi guys, could do with some advice from you experts out there. I have an RSM 130d which has been set up now for approximately 6 months, keep doing 20% regular water changes and my paramaters are perfect, they could'nt be any better., regular filter changes etc etc etc. For some reason I keep getting like a green algae on the glass and a covering of a brown algae on the sand, by the morning the brown algae on the sand has completely cleared (when the lights are off and and blue lights are on) but the glass (the green algae) I have to remove on a daily basis, its so fine it clouds the area I'.m scrubbing . I do work full time so my lights are on from 7.30 a.m. and they go off around 7.00 p.m. I have taken a day off today and have noticed that the brown algae seems to thrive with the lights on.....would appreciate any advice you guys/gals have and what I can do to eradicate this.
  4. Hi Guys/gals, just a couple of questions for you experts out there before I go to work. 1. I have read articles on here regarding feeding Nems, most have indicated that they feed them in general chopped up prawn, muscle etc, but is this cooked or uncooked prawn and muscle ? and how often in a week do you feed them ???? searched for a refrence to this but cannot find anything ...........can anyone answer this? 2. What is the specific gravity in general that most of you keep your salt water to? I have mine at 1.026 sg but my nearest lfs has told me I should drop it to 1.024........which is correct? Would appreciate your help.
  5. Hello From Anglesey

    Hi Keith and welcome to reef face. Nice to know there is someone else from Anglesey apart from me making good use of this forum. I do'nt know of anybody else from the island that are into marine set ups, I usually end up travelling miles to suppliers etc. If I can be of any help please do not hesitate to leave me a message. If your looking to purchase a tank I have a complete 6' x 2' x 2' tank with everything required to set it up apart from a sump tank stored away which I might consider selling.
  6. Red Sea Max 130D

    i too had that problem with my 130d with the micro bubbles that I set up approx' six weeks ago, adjusting the height of the weir down to allow more flow through the skimmer chamber and raising the level of water in the pump chambers seemed to solve the problem(so that your water level is above the black inlet pipes and just above the bottom of the pumps, the blue area). What extra lighting have you added and what did you buy?.....very interested in knowing as I find the blue led's not sufficient.
  7. What's Your Tank Cost You Up To Now ?

    Is this thread advisable?????? lol....................... if the wives see it no doubt most males will have to encounter numerous shopping trips to the value of thousands
  8. We Are Back Online - Just Barely!

    site looks really good, even the piccy's look crystal clear.
  9. Hi All, Just thought I would say a quick hello !!! I'm not new to reef keeping but have had a 6 year break from it all due to career changes and moving home etc. Still have a 1800 x 600 x 600 tank with an aquamedic sump system in storage but have recently bought the Red Sea Max 130D which in the next few months I will have installed and keep you all posted. May I congratulate you on this site, its very informative with an abundance of information available to all. I live on Anglesey, North Wales, so travelling is quite an essential part of marine reef keeping as there are no local shops or stockists, would appreciate any information from members of any one selling frags etc near to my locality. Regards, Huw