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  1. Vortechs all the way lol
  2. Looks loads better Sarah job well done ;)
  3. Full of protein mark lol
  4. That's suppose to be good. A lot is to do with your diet and what sort of food you eat and how often I don't have any sugar or fat in my diet at all :( I must have a bit but I eat proper clean all the time and 8 times a day.
  5. Thanks mark it is all worth it when you see results but its hard to see them your self lol its nice when other people can see the difference though makes it all worth it lol cheers :) Lol dave I go at night 8 till 10 when it closes today i went through the day though for once.
  6. Thanks Sarah :) x
  7. What do you all think is the gym paying off lol
  8. I had the is juwel vision 450 which was 100 gallon and I use to do 50 litres a week worked a treat for me :)
  9. +1 on what mark said I had loads in my old tank ;)
  10. Welcome mate :)
  11. No way Carl you haven't killed it have you :( I would say its got to be phosphate and nitrate levels mate get some decent test kits and test these too again.
  12. Looks like you all had a good day, excellent pics to everyone I'll try my best to drag my self to the next one :)
  13. Lol happened to me plenty of times trust me though don't give up I'm missing my loads already going for a 3 foot cube next :)
  14. Hi

    Hi col welcome to reef face mate :)
  15. Hi dave welcome to reef face mate