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  1. Is My Recent Cyano Outbreak Due To Uv Removal.

    I know but no algae in the hot bright weather, now it's cooler and duller it's here
  2. I moved my tank into my conservatory at the beginning of August and kept the external filter and uv running with no cyano or any other algae problems at all. I bought a small sump to use as a refugium recently so I could ditch the external and uv. Recently I have started to get cyano all over my rocks, I tested the water yesterday and Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, phosphate 0.5, Ph 8, Calcium (this is always high for some reason) 540, KH 7 (too low I know but addressing the problem) and Salinity 1.025. I just wondered could be due to the loss of my UV? I have a pump from my old skimmer that could be used to feed the UV if any of you think this would help. I was going to get some anti-red as this worked when I had an outbreak when the tank was 1st set up. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Uv Or Not?

    Thats what I was hoping the answer was going to be.. Lol. I will keep it for a while and see how it goes and if all ok in 2 or 3 months I will sell it. Thanks.
  4. Uv Or Not?

    I just wondered if it is necessary to have a uv on a marine tank. I have been running one on my tank from my filter but have just taken the filter off and am using an old sump as a refugium instead. I am supplying the refugium from my skimmer pump and dont really want another pump in the tank to supply the uv unless its vital. Do any of you think they are a must?
  5. Why Is Nitrate So High?h

    My friend Sarah has a 5 ft reef tank and is having problems with very high nitrates. All has been fine for around a year even when she was in hospital for a few weeks and her hubby did minimal maintenance. A few weeks ago she added the contents of her smaller tank including the sand and a couple of pieces of rock. Since then (well a couple of weeks after merging tanks) the nitrates went sky high. She did lots of water changes with no luck. I tested with my kit and reading was 80+. Thnking it was the extra sand creating problems she took lots out and readings came down to 0 within a few days. Now she says they are back high again and can't work out why. She has plenty of flow, is understocked with fish and corals and all other params are spot on. Any ideas why nitrates would go from 0 to 80ish in a matter of days?
  6. Please Help

    Where is Great Harwood? I have a 100w heater going spare and a glass thermometer you could have if you want a heated tank. If you are considering goldfish please be aware that they need a large tank . A lot of tropicals are small and can live in smaller tanks especially tetras. An alternative to tetras are white cloud mountain minnows which dont need a heated tank and stay about 1 inch long. Shrimps are always a good idea for small tanks too plus they breed easily. I will have a look to see what other things I have tucked away..
  7. Dead Copperband

    Good luck, I ended up with a piece of live rock which had a small pistol shrimp with it and a feather duster. The copperband ate all my dusters so hoping I will get more appear on the rocks now. Just hope theres no more aiptasia cos I got fed up with the injecting route.
  8. Dead Copperband

    I've certainly learned my lesson.. Just off to LFS for a mooch and possibly a new fish..
  9. Dead Copperband

    I only bought it as my lfs had a few in that were all eating frozen and flaked and it even used to eat out of my fingers when I held the frozen food it the water. It had been in my tank for over a month with no obvious problems. I certainly wont be replacing it thats for sure.
  10. Dead Copperband

    I switched my lights on in the tank this morning and my copperband was sucked against a powerhead. I turned the power off and it swam away. It wasnt its usual self but I put it down to the shock. I put power on again only for the same thing to happen again so I caught it and put it in my fuge. Ive just got back from work and found it dead. Yesterday it was fine and it ate frozen and flaked food as well as clearing my aiptasia. There was no sign of disease or anything else that I can see. All my other fish and corals are fine. Not tested the water as I am just making some RO for a water change plus my test kit is not reliable and Im waiting for new ones to come.
  11. Help With Salt Amounts

    I said 25kg as this is the amount I put in the tank the 1st time I went to marines. It was spot of for my 150g tank.
  12. Help With Salt Amounts

    Depends which salt you go for and the salinity you mix it to but you will probably use a full 25kg bucket at a salinity of 1.026.
  13. Gutted - At Least The Rock Looks Ok !

    Thats really sad news, I would be gutted if anything happened to my tank. I dont have much in my tank to spare but if you like mushies and red sea xenia I could send you some frags. Only got a few lps but not ready to frag yet but your welcome to any when the time is right.
  14. What Salt

    I use kent at the mo but Im changing to red sea coral pro too. My ph readings are too low with this and had no probs with read sea last time.
  15. Where Do I Start

    Im being nosey now but why can your tank be set up straight away? Seems a shame to sell most of your livestock for peanuts when you have a tank already