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  1. I honestly dont think this was a the fault of your mp60s, as mentioned most likely the fish sadly passed on and current brought it to the pump. Have you done any recent water tests and/or added anything new recently?
  2. Nice, spend it well:-)
  3. Thanks Mark
  4. @@reefaddict can you send me the link to where you bought your probe from please? TVM
  5. A shop! :) Sorry, most good LFS will sell a good range of corals but I am sure others will let you know if they have seen any!
  6. Useful to know because the old tc-10 nanufacturer disappeared and I have been without a probe for two years! Where else sell the probes?
  7. :icon_thumleft: :party: :party: :frantics: :cheers: :icon_pished:
  8. Well done Carl.
  9. A 10 year old RO Man 75 GPD unit still going strong.
  10. Tweaked the doser after 19 days away.
  11. Just make sure you put that pet slug away until you have the job in the bag :-)
  12. welcome back dave :) Neil
  13. Water change and pump clean coming soon, then gotta finish making up water ready for my trip away :)
  14. well done Tom, don't let the power go to your head :lol:
  15. I have been using RX for a good few years now, I never placed the smell but it was always familiar :) RX goes a long way though so never had an issue with the cost. Useful info though Mark, thanks. Neil