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  1. Red Sea Max400

    Does anybody have one of these and are they worth the money? JDK
  2. Kole Tang

    I've got a Kole Tang (called Henry) - he settled in after 2 weeks, he is great but unfortunately he picks on one fish in my tank - a small Chalk Goby, he doesn't bother any other fish bar the Goby. I now have to feed the Goby by hand otherwise Henry would not allow him any food
  3. Koralia Wavemaker Vs Vortec

    I swapped 3 NeWave powerheads for an MP40 - I am so pleased I did - they are a fantastic bit of kit. Am now saving up for another MP40
  4. Price On Sump And Pump

    I got a great sump built to my requirements which is 33 x 15 x 15 and braceless from Coventry Aquatics. Good quality and great service/delivery.
  5. I replaced 3 NeWave powerheads with a new MP40 2 weeks ago - fantastic!!! Great water movement and functions - I love it. Am saving up for an MP10.
  6. Water Storage

    What do people store their saltwater mix in? I use a 100litre plastic dustbin but am not sure if this is a good idea - can they leech chemicals etc., into the water? I like the dustbin because it is easy to access for topping up, cleaning, mixing salt and filling up my buckets when doing a water change.
  7. D-D Phosphate Test Kit

    Have struggled with algae for ages and constantly testing for phosphate and always getting zero - no matter what test kit I use...!! (Sailferts, Redsea, API, D+D...) If you go for a digital tester, what will it say? 0.001....what does that mean in the overall scheme of things? I run bio pearls, I use rowaphos....what else is there to do? Fish and corals are happy...the only unhappy person is me trying to get rid of hair algae (yes, have got snails, sea hares, tweezers, fingers, tootbrush.......) Drives me barmy.........
  8. Replacing Powerheads

    Got a new MP40 ES W - fantastic bit of kit - not noisy but such great features - cannot believe how good it is. The water movement throughout the tank is brilliant. The fish and corals are are looking good. Skint but happy!
  9. Best Sand For A Sump Dsb?

    Actually I can't tyyypppeee, it should of said unopened...
  10. Best Sand For A Sump Dsb?

    Was just about to order some of the recommended sand from Aquatics Express and my good lady said she thought I had some sand in the shed....I went digging and found an opened 13kg bag of Caribsea Aragonite live sand....I think this should be OK...what do you reckon? Sorry Craig!
  11. Best Sand For A Sump Dsb?

    Thanks for the responses. What type of sand from Aquatics Express?
  12. Is play pit sand OK? I have heard snippets which says it is not suitable due to silica. If not play pit sand - what is best?
  13. Replacing Powerheads

    Well I've got the new weapon - how good looking is the mp40!!! Does anybody have any advice as to the location of the head in the tank i.e how far below the water surface? Pointing down the length of the tank or on the back facing the front? Thanks
  14. Replacing Powerheads

    I suppose sometimes we pick up on little snippets of negativity and it grows in to problems that don't really exist. I cannot afford 2 mp40's at the moment so will order 1 now and save up for the second. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Replacing Powerheads

    Would 2No mp10's on full power suit a 400litre tank and would they be less noisy do you think?