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  1. Really .... been told they are not great for the tank ?
  2. Ok - didnt want to introduce a couple of fish to it in this state but wanted to avoid as many chemicals as possible I've ordered a couple of peppermint shrimps and CUC to see if they can eat through the algae and aiptasia. Ive banged a bristleworm trap in there and have taken out 25 so far and theres still loads left so hopefully they will be eaten by the crew when it arrives tomorrow Will keep you posted
  3. Sorry didnt know how to add comments This is my tank - I've been away and its not been looked after properly - please look at the pictures and give any advice you can Phos and Nitrates are too high - I've started water changes and cleaned the tank a little Started treatment with Phos and Nitrate remover today .... Thanks
  4. As i thought - cheers for the replies guys
  5. I've just moved my tank to a new tank and the sand is brown (same sand as before) Any way to get rid ?
  6. Just a simple couple of clown and a nem for them ! I like to dream small
  7. Hey chaps - great to see this brilliant site is still up and giving the best advice !! Been away but its pulled me back in now I am staying in one place for a long time - looking forward to seeing my tank mature !
  8. omg I WON !!! What a result !!! I want my prize at ....... no idea !! Let me go through the sponsors and let you know - can i split between two ? Need a decent cuc and some corals !! Love the raffle !!
  9. looks wow ! Good space - like how its building up
  10. Tapatalk doesnt look free on android ?
  11. Just bought 10 !
  12. I love the simplicity of it - its very nice !!
  13. sorry guys for not answering I took the sand out of the sump Im now at the last chance saloon - my theory is to do a complete water change - what do I have to lose ?
  14. I recently moved house - you think the DSB being moved caused any issues ?
  15. Would anyone recommend changing the sump sand ?