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  1. I can only quote suggested retail prices and in the case of a Reefer 250 a replacement glass aquarium is £405.00
  2. All components of Reefer aquariums can be purchased as spares, Tanks, Cabinets, Sumps, pipework, top up reservoir etc. the only things not available are component parts of cabinets.
  3. Check this out Folks
  4. Ok Folks, for all you up there is Scotland check out the following. Red Sea will be giving a presentation on Thursday evening at one of our Dealers, based in Dumfries. There's some great deals to be had at the event and the topics covered will include how to improve your reef aquarium through an understanding of what corals actually need, based on real science. If you are interested then you can email me for details at: We will be delighted to see you.
  5. Hi Folks, its been a while coming but today I can announce the arrival of the new Red Sea Max Nano check it out
  6. Ok Folks, it's that time of year, as of 1600hrs today I am on annual leave not returning until the 28th September, as much as I would like to I will not be able to monitor this forum until my return. As is always the case if you have any warranty claims then please visit our website and submit the following For general assistance for Red Sea products can we ask that you first contact retailer, if you cannot get the issue resolved then please use the following contact request Many Thanks Red Sea Kev
  7. Ok, a little clarification on Calibration. We state in the instructions to use the PPT scale, we get a lot of enquires stating that the S.G and PPT scale do not zero together, again this is absolutely correct they do not, because simply they are actually two different values. The specific gravity of 0 ppt water at 25 degrees will have a specific gravity of 0.99768 therefore the lines of S.G and PPT are not aligned. R/O DI water is ok for zero check calibration, it is also important to check the instrument at its operational range from time to time to ensure its accuracy, this has to be performed with a salt-water reference solution, some salinity test solution are actually potassium and as we are looking at the refractive index of salt-water these chemical test solutions will not be accurate when used on a Refractometer.
  8. Interesting thread folks, we are very confident that the Red Sea refractometer is highly accurate, we do get complaints where customers state it doesn't hold it calibration which is absolutely correct, the reason is simple, we use very high quality optics and automatic temperature calibration and this is the reason some will see the variation, because you can actually see the change where on inferior instruments you cannot so it assumed it is holding its calibration, the reality is you just don't see the change. a few degrees makes a Hugh difference +/- 2 to 3 ppt for this reason we recommend that the Red Sea Sea Water Refractometer is calibrated ( Zero checked) every time it is used. Electronic Refractometers, whilst I cannot comment on the Milwaukee unit as I have never used it I also have a Hanna lab grade refractometer this has proven to be both reliable and accurate, the only issue being it only works to a scale of 1ppt and not 0.5 ppt which in fairness the Red Sea unit you are able to tell the difference between 34.5 and 35ppt As for sourcing one in Spain go to our contact us page and use the drop down for Spain to contact the distributor, I hope this helps.
  9. Debs, I do not have any personal experience with Bubble Magnus skimmers, my advise is the bigger the better, I would usually recommend going to a skimmer at least twice the volume of the system, I'm going to leave the general skimmer recommendation to others who have experience of this skimmer.
  10. Debs, with a good skimmer and dosing No3Po4-X you should not need a Po4 reactor, the Po4 will be exported via the skimmer, No3Po4-X feeds a couple of strains of bacteria called PHA & PHB for ease we'll call the PHB (Phosphate Harbouring Bacteria) in their life cycle they they consume Po4 and die off being extracted by the skimmer and hence controlling Po4, the only time you are likely to struggle is if the skimmer is poor or you are massively overstocked as feeding is the main source of Po4. Check this Blog out, its an in-depth explanation of the chemistry behind No3Po4-X
  11. Within the Red Sea Mature Pro kit we have a number of products, a food source ( nitrogen) bacteria source, Coralline Gro which will also buffer and No3Po4-X. Ideally you would use Live Rock but the kit can be used with inert rocks as well, it just lengthens the cycle by a few days as you do not have the addition of natural bacterial cultures. We simply introduce the bacteria and food source allowing the ammonia and nitrite to rise and fall as in any normal cycle, the addition of bacteria and food ensures a good population, we also start to dose No3Po4-X so we end up with a full nitrification and de-nitrification cycle buffered if needed by the coralline Gro, the advantage over other bacterial products being that both aerobic and anaerobic cultures are developed, and of course using No3Po4-X will also ensure the Po4 is taken into consideration with good skimming it ensure the correct N to P ratio.
  12. There sure is, there's going to be a new and a new and a new tell you when I get back, news and pictures hopefully Sunday or Monday. :phew:
  13. Folks, I will be away in Germany and won't return to work until next Tuesday 31st of May so my apologies for any late responses.
  14. Red Sea is a specialist and highly innovative manufacturer renowned for its high quality products and services including Red Sea MAX® & Reefer™ reef aquarium systems, Coral Pro Salt and the Reef Care Program. Red Sea is seeking an enthusiastic and driven individual to fulfil the role of Regional Sales Manager for the South UK. The successful candidate will have extensive reef-keeping experience combined with a strong track record in technical trade sales, preferably within the aquatic industry. The role involves working with existing accounts and developing prospective accounts and will be predominantly field-based with time set-aside to ensure professional account management of key clients. The role will require overnight travel approximately 30% of the working month. Emphasis is placed on providing excellent levels of technical support and account management. Applicants will possess the skills required to handle all the above and will be located in the region. The successful candidate will be self–motivated, expected to work independently, with initiative and drive, and will be someone who relishes working in a flexible environment. This is an exciting opportunity to work in an established and growing company. Competitive salary + commission, car, phone, laptop. Applications in writing only with CV to Closing date for applications 15th June 2016
  15. Sorry Folks, no info on pricing yet until the official announcement