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  1. Whos The Oldest Reefer

    yes, and to beat Carl I bet you still had hair in the last century
  2. Whos The Oldest Reefer

    I thought everyone knew it was Carl, hes like 175 or something....... :lol:
  3. Change Of Job

    No for that you have to be the spawn of right said fred and freddy mercury [emoji1]
  4. Change Of Job

    good luck Carl, you will have to let us know where it is so we can come in a stress you with hard questions :lol:
  5. I just have a clip on desk fan I turn on that blows on the surface of the dt. Drops the temp in my 4x2x2 by 1degree c in a couple of hours
  6. Holiday Feeding

    Why dont you make up some pots and leave the food in them so whoever is feeding puts in the right amount
  7. Not long ago I was asked if I had a favourite fish which I said no to, but after a long day I have just got home and sat in front of the tank I realise I actually do. Its not expensive, not the most beautiful and definitely not the most sort after. It is in fact the cleaner wrasse. Every system I have always had has homed one. In my experience I have never experienced a nasty one, the colours are gorgeous and from when the lights go one until they go off they are active, forever checking out the rocks of inspecting the other inhabitants, real workers and touch wood never had health issues with them. So yes I do have a favourite, one that most people wouldnt say is theirs, but hey, if we all liked the same it would be a boring world ;) Lets hear what yours is, and no you dont have to pick it just because they are expensive or rare, in my eyes thats just boring!
  8. Red slime

    Just make sure you pumps are covered, if it decides to wander they can make a real mess when they his the props
  9. Ok this is big, 24 foot x 10 x10 but what is really cool is that pretty much the who build was diy :o http://www.bing.com/videos/browse?mkt=en-us&vid=5a06168f-d393-4203-bb5d-c72bef632e72&from=sharepermalink&src=v5:share:sharepermalink:
  10. Copperband In The Sun

    So nice to see these healthy and doing well, real shame it doesnt asternias though :laugh:
  11. Get Together

    Not if its the end of July 2015 :lol:
  12. Hello Fellow Refers

    Welcome to the site, we are all still learning pal :icon_thumleft:
  13. I dont know what Dave has in mind but I saw a guy on aquarist classifieds a while ago saying that he made them out of solid wood to your design, I am assuming though they wont be cheap but obviously that depends on how much you want to spend :)
  14. Mine is open top pal which is what I prefer, I am sure someone somewhere has fitted them into a hood, would just need exhausts in the top for the fans I would assume if thats the way you would like to go :) Obviously the main concern is how high they are above the surface, that being said you could potentially just run them on a lower percentage...
  15. OK, i put an article up here and it mentions the 1500/2000 tiles and are still providing good results which I think is surprising to a lot of people. http://www.reef-face.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/40661-full-spectrum-are-we-being-taken-for-a-ride/ The Evergrow 2080s are well worth looking at and you would only need 2 units which would cost you around £600. Quite a few of us use them on here and are experiencing good results with sps. Its an option :)