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  1. Is one better for the hole sizes I have? Shouls have put all that on one post.
  2. I have looked at all 3 types only went towards durso because i have had pipework for that already, came with the sump
  3. Thanks both. I have one 32mm and one 20mm connection. Sorry which one would be the main drain and how far below water level, and the other just breaking the water level? I will def go for top flow only on weir
  4. H I'm installing a weir and pipework and need to ask some advice. Firstly I see some weirs with top comb entry only others have botom and middle slots. What is best and why please? The comb I want to use on the top is 25mm high should the flow cover this completely? With the pipework I have one 32mm and one 20mm to use. Am I right in thinking the larger pipe is the main return and has a u bend which ends at he min tank level when sump is full and the second is positiond just below the surface level. Thanks for reading
  5. Hi if i bought a 300w light advertiesd as Good for 4ft with 90 deg lenses and was bought modified to 120 deg. Does this mean it would be ok for a 5ft? if not what differance do the lens angles make. Thanks Keith
  6. Hi i'm looking at a 2nd hand light unit, has anyone come across this? the lenses have been changed from 90 to 120 deg and is 6 months old? At the moment its up for £150 Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi there, I planning a change to reef tank, I've got a 5x2x2 tank and I'm on a water meter. How much water do you think I would need to replace? What is the cost saving making your own RO compared to buying. So really is it cost effective or just a time and hassle benefit. Thanks for viewing
  8. Hi thanks for the reply. The tank is 5 X 2 X 2. I was wondering about common the different Len's angles were. Was thinking of using in the middle and then add 1 or 2 small units either side if required. As for corals just sifts to start, then may be hard later deepening on how things go.
  9. Hi I'm collecting some equipment together to convert my tank to a reef tank ( currently keeping Tropheus ) tank is drilled with sump though. Looking at 2nd hand Intel 300w programmable Reef LED. Seller says he specified change to 120 degree lens. Any opinions welcome. My tank is 5ft ( seller says unit good for 4ft ) ? Thanks Keith
  10. Hi all Does anyone know if there are any lfs in a 30 mile radius of cardiff buy back corals. Will be taking my remaining fish back on tuesday, due to lack of local takers and dont really want to post. Thanks KCT
  11. Hi all I have put a post in wet goods with a few people asking if I can post fish and corals. I'm looking for advice on best way and costs if possible. Any advice welcome. Thanks KCT
  12. Thanks all. My clowns are currently hosting in my pussey coral, hope they stay there as ive heared they may damagr the toadstool
  13. Hi All I just bought a new toadstool like a bit more info and doing my first photo upload so bear with me.
  14. Thanks all will give it ago this weekend
  15. Hi All my calerpa fern growth continues so will have to remove as much as possible by hand. What harm will be done to the following if removed from water to remove growth from rocks. Pussey coral, leather finger, mushrooms, ricordia, sponge? Thanks KCT or any other suggestions for removal welcome