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  1. I have got a redwood tree stump part covered in Java moss Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  2. at last some of my plants have arrived and are in, still cloudy from planting and they need time to settle
  3. no probs will post some up when it;s done should be before the end of the week
  4. lol yep jules plants coming on thurs hopefully so will have some pics of the full set up by then
  5. as the title says having sold up my marine stock I have moved back to the freshwater side, so though I had better start a diary the DT and sump are as before with 500ltrs at my disposal and I will be using the same lighting, hopefully if it can grow coral it will grow plants as plants only need 6500k to grow and the blue in the blue and red in the spectrum really picks out blues and reds in the fish and the colours pop, current stock is 4 DISCUS , 2 pairs GERMAN RAMS, 6 PEPPERED CORY'S and 40 CARDINAL TETRA'S, oh and 1 DIAMOND TETRA which was a hitch hiker with the cory's, the tank has been hard scaped but I'm awaiting plants to finish it off and I have got silver sand with Carib sea Eco planting substrate underneath and I will be going for and IWAGUMI style set up with rocks and wood, will post up pics soon
  6. looking all nice and clean, wish mine was that clean lol
  7. mine had crept to 28c so rigged up my stc 1000 controller ( had it for over 12 months and never set it up ) and added a 6" clip on fan and the temp is steady at 25.8C now
  8. Cheers Dave, posted this before I spoke to you, sorted the Alfa grog out as well and as you said it was trapping detritus, now dosing twice a day at 7 my each dose and skimmer is going mad Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  9. just a question about the dosing ratio, is there any benefit from dosing the required dosage in one dose or in smaller doses over a given period of the day as I have seen some people dose in smaller regular doses several times a day @mrdave @Red Sea Kev
  10. As above use a proprietary tropical bacteria and and stock lightly to start and test until the tank is cycled Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  11. technology is really amazing now
  12. looks to me like the red gorgonian Leptogorgia chilensis
  13. I had 3 in my previous tank but I guess I was lucky as I had orange leg crabs and they never bothered the orange legs they just knocked everything not nailed down over
  14. that is for a 10kg bucket then, it works out as about £44 plus p&p, I have found a 25 kg bucket for £84 inc p&p from germany as well not found it in uk yet
  15. i have to say that i haven't tested a batch of fresh mixed salt water but I have been keeping my eye on things with changing salt and adding alfagrog an all and there hasn't been an increase in either no3 or po4, it has however stayed the same for the last 3 weeks @ no3 = 5ppm and po4 = 0.16 high yes but not increasing